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Celtic Pendant - Sterling Silver Tree Of Life Trinity Knot Pendant with Chain

Celtic Pendant - Sterling Silver Tree Of Life Trinity Knot Pendant with Chain

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The celtic Tree Of Life pendant. The branches of this wonderful celtic pendant feature Trinity Knots and is made from sterling silver. "Celebrate your Celtic Heritage" Its branches reach in search of learning and knowledge. The trunk symbolizes strength, it's flowers and fruit renewed growth and it's roots represent our ancient Celtic heritage.

Comes in a presentation box with 18 inch chain included.

Measures approx. 1 inch in diameter. 

Made by Solvar Jewelry, Dublin, Ireland and hallmarked at the Assay office in Dublin Castle 
Made by Solvar Jewelry, Dublin, Ireland

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Words seem so inadequate in expressing my sincere gratitude for David's assistance. My daughter and son-in-law will be celebrating their first wedding anniversary this October. She found the EXACT necklace she has been searching for on PINTEREST. The necklace, however, was discontinued and she was heartbroken. Had she seen it earlier, she would have worn it on their wedding day. I wrote to IRISHSHOP.COM, and met up with David. He explained that although the necklace was no longer available, he would inquire as to whether one might be hiding in a jewelry shop somewhere. Therein began our journey of procuring the necklace. He kept in touch with me through email and not very long after that first correspondence, he wrote the exciting news that he was able to locate the piece. I contacted my son-in-law, who was overjoyed with the news. I had the necklace billed to his credit card, but SENT to my address (for the surprise and WOW factor) with no problems whatsoever. Upon receipt of the necklace, I contacted both David as well as Rob (the groom!) to tell them all was well and that I had the lovely necklace in my possession. David modestly claimed it to be all in a day's work and of course; Rob was delighted. My daughter is going to be in happy-tears on October 26, 2014......I just know it. Thanks to David and his diligence, she is going to have the beautiful Trinity Knot and Heart necklace for a long time to come. And who will get all of the credit??? Her adoring husband....as it should be!!!
Most sincerely, Cindy Owens, Pennsylvania,...
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