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'Banba' Claddagh Watch

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Banba Claddagh Irish Watch. Ladies, two-tone shiny and matt silver-plated bracelet with Trinity love knots in relief. Dial diameter 1 inch (25mm) Nickle free and dustproof construction, 3 year battery, Japanese quartz movt. White dial with embossed silver Claddagh.
The Claddagh
The Hand Signifies Friendship, the Crown Loyalty, And the Heart Love.
The tradition of the Claddagh Symbol dates back to the 16th Century when Richard Joyce, a native of Galway was captured by Algerian Corsairs while on his way to the West Indies. He was sold as a slave to a wealthy Moorish goldsmith who trained him in the craft. His master took a great liking to him and offered him his freedom which Richard happily accepted. He returned to his native country and settled down in the ancient village of Claddagh, just outside Galway city, where he designed and made the first Claddagh ring. It soon became very popular with local people as a Betrothal or Wedding Symbol. Today, because of this tradition, the Claddagh continues to grow in popularity and is used internationally as a sign of great friendship and love.
Irish earth goddess, she was part of the triad that included Eriu and Folta (Fodla). They used magick to repel invaders.
Triskel: (Trinity or Love Knot)
The design on the links is one of the basic Celtic designs. The circles represent the three domains of ancient Celtic belief: the underworld for the past, the earth world for the present, and the sky world for the divine.

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