10 Reasons We Love Irish Knits


The season for wearing cozy Irish knits is upon us!  Aran knit sweaters and accessories have been popular Irish gifts and souvenirs for generations.  From classic to contemporary, there are Irish knits for everyone of every age.  Why do we love them so?  Let us count the reasons!

  1. They are cozy warm on a cold day.  It’s like wearing a blanket, but it looks a billion times better.  Those complex Aran patterns also make for great insulation.
  2. Merino wool is the ultimate protection for the elements on a damp, blustery day.  Keeps sheep and humans warms and dry.  On a drizzly day, it will keep you dry.  Just don’t go swimming in it.
  3. The detail!  The amazing, intricate cable knit patterns are artwork.  Rich in meaning and history, Aran knitting designs are simply stunning.  Novice knitters are intrigued by them, and non-knitters might just think it is magic how the designs twist and repeat so seamlessly.
  4. Irish knits are distinctive.  They are a fashion statement that’s been turning heads for generations.
  5. They never go out of style.  Seriously, how many other items from your great-grandparent’s wardrobe can you imagine looking so great without looking vintage?  Sure, you’ll spend more than you would on this year’s trendy sweater from the mall – but you’ll be enjoying it just as much in 20 years as you do the first day you wear it.
  6. Aran sweaters are Irish gifts you can wear everywhere to show off your pride in your heritage.  They are immediately recognized as Irish.
  7. The range of Irish knitwear is massive.  You can get a completely traditional, cream-colored Aran knit sweater, or you can rock a colorful, contemporary wrap with an Aran pattern.  You can opt for a scarf or mittens.
  8. Anyone can wear them.  Men, women and children, even trendy teens.  Babies and the elderly.  There is no age group that doesn’t love a nice wooly Aran sweater.  You don’t even have to be Irish to look amazing in an Aran sweater.
  9. These Irish gifts have a message.  Well, at least the patterns have names and meanings.  The honeycomb pattern represents sweetness and rewards for hard work.  The cable stitches are fishermen’s ropes.  The tree of life is a rich symbol of the importance of family and community that stretches back to pre-Christian times.
  10. You might even get inspired to take up knitting or step up your game and try some Aran stitches.  An Aran sweater is definitely not a starter project!  But many people love knitting and find it very relaxing.  It’s a good creative outlet, even if you just make a scarf to go with your Aran sweater.

Whatever appeals to you most about Irish knitwear, you are sure to find just the right item with a pattern you love.  Embrace Ireland, or rather let it embrace you in a big, warm, fuzzy hug this winter.  You’ll look and feel great no matter how miserable the weather is. One of the first online retailers in Ireland. Selling Irish Gifts to the US, Canada and worldwide since 1997. Over 2000 products available including Irish and Celtic Jewelry, Clothing, Coat of Arms and Family Crests, Personalized Irish Gifts, Irish Pub decor and much more. Working with top Irish brands such as Solvar Jewelry, Belleek Potter, Guinness, Carraig Donn, Mulligar Pewter and Jimmy Hourihan Capes.