3 Irish Gift Jewelry Trends for 2017

Irish jewelry is a popular Christmas gift for her, and if it is on your shopping list, you’ll want to consider some gorgeous trends.  While the classics such as a silver Claddagh ring or a shamrock pendant are always popular, they aren’t the only options.  Some designers are putting some new touches on the classic Irish icons and the results are sizzling hot.  Which one would the lucky lady in your life love to find under the Christmas tree this year?

  • Classic Celtic Cross – Celtic crosses are everywhere in Ireland – at ruins, graveyards, village squares, along country roads.  And of course, worn on a chain around the neck.  A Celtic cross pendant has always been a treasured classic with its distinctive ring around the center of the cross to represent eternity.  In recent years, it’s been nudged from center stage as the trinity knot grew in popularity.  But watch that space.  The Celtic cross is poised for a comeback.  Your options range from simple and elegant to intricate and intriguing.  Whether you chose one in silver or gold, Celtic cross pendants make wonderful Irish gifts for women of Christian faith at Christmas time.
  • Bling Your Irish Icons – This trend started last year, and it’s only getting bigger and brighter.  Look for your favorite Irish designs studded with dazzling gems and crystals.  Whatever her favorite Irish icon is, you can find a version of it with serious wow factor.  Shamrocks are a festive and traditional symbol of Ireland.  The Trinity knot represents the Holy Trinity.  The Claddagh’s hands, heart and crown stand for friendship, love and loyalty.  Silver and gold jewelry both look dazzling with a dusting of tiny crystals.  Does the lady in your life love a little glamour?  This is a fabulously festive look for the dull days of winter, and she’ll be delighted with something new to bling in the New Year.
  • Branch Out with Trees – The tree of life is an ancient Celtic design that is getting more interest these days.  Trees are also a beautiful way to symbolize your Irish roots.  This fresh image is appearing on all styles of Irish jewelry so you can find something that is just right for her this Christmas.  Maybe it’s a serene, earthy piece incorporating the rich, distinctive green of Connemara marble or perhaps one joyfully encircled with crystals.  Whatever her style, why not put a tree under her tree this Christmas?

Irish gifts are a great choice for Christmas and birthdays, and jewelry rich in symbolism really makes a woman feel special.  The secret to finding the perfect piece of jewelry for her is to get both the style and the symbol right.  Is her faith part of her heritage?  A Celtic Cross will express that.  Does she love to get dressed up for a night out?  A bit of sparkle that also shows off her love of Ireland will put a big, bright smile on her face.  Is she an earthy woman drawn to the lore of the ancient Celts?  The tree of life reflects all of that.