4 Romantic Irish Gifts for Weddings

Wedding season is upon us, and nothing is more romantic than a wedding. When two people join together, they bring their whole selves, their culture and heritage as well as their personal history and family. Today, many couples already have practical household items, so wedding gifts are a chance to enjoy more luxurious and meaningful things. Whether you are putting together your own gift registry or searching for just the right thing for a couple with Celtic roots, these special Irish gifts carry some deep meanings that will serve as a reminder of what a profound and beautiful thing it is when two people commit to be one family.


Nothing symbolizes the joining of two people as clearly as a beautiful wall plaque featuring both of their family crests. But you can find many different Irish gifts featuring family crests ranging from mugs to mailboxes. Most items feature one coat of arms, but a variety of wall hangings do include two, making them an ideal Irish wedding present. The symbols in each coat of arms represent the traits associated with the family. That can be a very subtle warning about the new in-laws!

Marriage Bells

When people mention wedding bells, most of the world thinks of the bells in a church belfry. But in Ireland, we have another type of wedding bell. It’s also known as a ‘make up bell’, and they are  very traditional Irish wedding presents. This bell is displayed in the couple’s home, and if they quarrel, one of them should pick it up and ring it. This is to remind both of their wedding day – the love and joy they felt and the commitment they made to honor each other.

Picture This

A wedding is a beautiful event – spiritually and visually! A gorgeous framed photo of the couple on their wedding day something they will treasure. So photo frames make excellent wedding gifts. Dazzling crystal goes with any style or color of home décor, or a frame with an Irish wedding blessing is very sweet. Belleek makes very pretty photo frames with delicate shamrocks.

Happy Home

Whether a couple has lived together for years or is just setting up housekeeping, a wedding is the right time to make their home cozy and comfortable. Irish gifts for the home can add beauty, joy and connection to the couple’s roots. Cheerful garden decorations, cozy throw blankets and pillows, and coasters and glasses for entertaining all make excellent Irish wedding presents.

Wedding gifts might seem more complicated today because couples have so many options for gift registries, but you can’t go wrong with delightful Irish gifts for their special day. Something beautiful that celebrates both their roots and their future live together is always welcome and appreciated. Society has changed. Weddings today might be an older couple with previous marriages or two people of the same sex. The happy couple might have young children or even grown children. But one thing is the same – the hope that their roots will entwine and their future will be joyful.