5 Telling Signs that Your Dad Might Be Irish

His big day is just around the corner.  You might already be shopping for Irish gifts for him, or you might be wondering just how Irish your dad really is.  Irish dads are a distinct breed.  While no two are exactly alike, they tend to share a cluster of quirky traits that set them apart.  How many of these tell-tales signs does your dad exhibit

  1. While they often pretend to be totally unaware of how to boil water, they want you (and the unfortunate wait staff at every restaurant they visit) that there is indeed a correct way to make tea, and if their expert method is not followed, the result is not tea.  Sure, it is liquid created by soaking a tea bag in hot water, but it isn’t tea and he isn’t going to drink it.  He’d secretly really love a nice teapot, but is unlikely to ask for something so kitchen-y.
  2. Irish dads often have some experience of the building trades.  However limited this experience is (and it might be limited to being related to or knowing someone who is a qualified builder) there is no home repair project they won’t tackle.  Delight your Irish dad with some easy-to-install garden decoration such as a mailbox or address sign with a Celtic design, and he’ll be entertained for hours and proud every time he sees it.
  3. They might give out loads and complain all of the things you do that annoy them, but their actions speak a million times louder than all those gruff words.  Irish dads speak the language of practicality.  Don’t expect a lot of mushy words, but they will show that they worry about you and want to take care of you by slipping you cash and giving you Irish gifts and practical things.  If you’re looking for the perfect gift, take note of what sort of things he gives you.
  4. Irish dads cannot hear you if they are holding a newspaper in front of them.  Newspapers deflect all sound leaving the Irish dad in a silent bubble, undisturbed by your request for lift to the shops or your mother’s demand that he repair something.  (He loves to repair things, but he’ll do it when he’s good and ready.  Even if that is a decade after the broken item has been replaced.)  He’s probably pretending he is in an Irish pub… specifically what is fondly known as an old man pub.  Proper pint glasses and barware are Irish gifts that will help him out.
  5. Irish dads cannot be rushed.  They operate on their own schedule and navigate by their own mysterious sense of direction.  Being late to everything is probably not an elaborate plot to discourage you from asking for lifts here and there, but we can’t rule that out.  He’d love a good watch with an Irish design on it, but don’t expect it to improve his timekeeping.