Are You Ready for the Wearing of the Green on St. Patrick’s Day?

St. Patrick’s Day is not far off, and we know what that means. It’s time to get out your green gear and plan what to wear. Youngsters might worry about being pinched, and adults might worry about what is suitable for various events and what looks best on them. Never fear. Ireland has 40 shades of green, and you can find exactly what you need in the way of Irish gifts, clothing, hats and more to help you celebrate our patron saint.

If you are heading to a parade, the weather is a big factor in what you wear. You might have a fantastic Kelly green t-shirt with a hilarious saying on it, but if you are out in the elements, will your jacket hide it? Why not cover all of the bases with a green jacket that celebrates your Irish heritage? While some of us are Irish for a day, many of us could wear it with pride throughout the season. How about a hat? Whether you need to protect yourself from an icy wind or the bright sun, you can find an Irish hat to do the job.

Of course, if you are going to be indoors, whether it is in the classroom or the pub or the office, you do want to be wearing some green under that jacket, and you have no shortage of options. From funky tie-dye t-shirts to rugby and polo shirts, the array is awesome and these make brilliant Irish gifts. Only the grumpiest of offices would object to shamrock suspenders or an Irish flag belt buckle. Of course, jewelry is also a tasteful and low key way to add a splash of green to your work wardrobe.

Celtic jewelry is not only one of the most beautiful and sentimental Irish gifts, it’s also the perfect way to get your green on when you aren’t going casual. For those women with a job that requires some formality and those who are planning a special night out for a dressy occasion, a flash of emerald is the ideal way to celebrate the emerald isle. Men can also get their green on with Irish jewelry. Yes, there are very masculine rings that feature some sparkling green, not to mention stud earrings and Celtic crosses with green-grey Connemara marble or green enamel.

Once a quiet religious holiday in Ireland, St. Patrick’s Day is now a global celebration of all things Irish. It makes sense given that the Irish has scattered across the globe pulled by the lure of new adventures or pushed by difficult economic or political times at home. It was Irish-Americans who recreated St. Patrick’s Day as a day of parades, music and parties – and that interpretation was quickly embraced by the folks back home. This March 17th, parades and parties will rage everywhere from Dublin to Dubai, Cork to Canberra, Waterford to the White House… and one thing they will all have in common is that the revelers will be wearing green, the color of shamrock, to honor the Emerald Isle.