Irish Bag - Lady Carrying Fushsia Tweed Mini Satchel

Irish Bags: Bagging Perfectly Practical Irish Gifts

When the weather improves and the school summer break looms, thoughts turn to travel. From the time of St. Brendan the Navigator, the Irish have loved to wander. And the one Irish gift that makes every adventure more stylish is a good bag. Whether it is a tote bag to bring to for a day at the beach or a trip to the local farmers’ market, a handy backpack for day trips or a sophisticated satchel for longer journeys, a distinctive bag is the perfect touch.

Having a bag that stands out means it is unlikely to be confused with anyone else’s. A tote bag, a backpack or a handbag is also an important accessory to complete your look. So why not make it one that salutes your love of and connection to Ireland? Personalized totes or elegant purses are beautiful Irish gifts for your loved ones too. It’s always a good feeling to find a gift you know the recipient will use and enjoy.

Stylish Satchels

Tweed is classic. It never goes out of style. A tweed satchel or handbag is the perfect way to incorporate that timeless look into a functional accessory. Ireland and Scotland are the home of tweed, and a beautiful handbag in a distinctive tweed is a wonderful way to carry your essentials. Blackwatch plaid, chestnut herringbone, chestnut tartan or violet dogstooth satchel style handbags are a beautiful way to carry your love of Celtic heritage with you every day. If you’re looking for stunning Scottish or Irish gifts, these bags are it.

Personalized Tote Bags

One way to make your gift more personal is to personalize it with the recipient’s initials or family coat or arms. Some people love the elegant simplicity of a plain, dark tote with their name or monogram, while others appreciate the rich detail and vivid colors of their family’s heraldic crest on their bag. Either one is distinctive and stunning, whether used for regular visits to the gym or a special outing.

Brilliant Backpacks

Sometimes you need a good backpack to carry things and leave your hands free. These gorgeous tweed options are a far cry from those carried by students and hikers decades ago. With a choice of blackwatch tartan or navy herringbone Harris tweed, these backpacks are sophisticated and functional. These backpacks are great for getting your essentials to the office every day.

We all need a handy way to get our essential belongings with us from A to B. So why not make combine the practical with the beautiful and choose a tote, backpack or satchel handbag that stands out from the crowd? Give someone you love something they can really use this summer on their vacation when they need a small Irish bag to carry on a flight or a roomy tote for a day at the beach. The best Irish gifts are those that combine a statement about Celtic heritage with a useful function.