Bridesmaids Love Irish Gifts!

Your bridesmaids may or may not be part of your family, but by the day of your wedding they will probably feel like sisters.  They’ll help you through tough decisions about your dress and how to wear your hair on your big day.  You’ll have many laughs and a few tears.  They might have to talk you down from some over the top ideas.  But you’ll be glad they did, even if it got tense for a bit.  You’ve chosen them to stand by you on the day you make one of biggest commitments a person can make.  And you chose them for a reason.  Naturally you want to thank them, and Irish gifts are a perfect choice.  What would your bridesmaids like best?

A time they’ll never forget: These women have given up some time to help you.  Yes, they’ve loved doing it – mostly! – but a gift that acknowledges the time they spent helping you is ideal.  What about a gorgeous watch with a Celtic design?  Whatever their style or your price range, you can find beautiful watches to suit.  A watch with an Irish design is a practical gift they will use frequently, maybe daily.  And every time they glance at it, they will be reminded of the joy of your wedding and your ongoing friendship.

Holding it all together: Did your bridesmaids hold everything together in the run up to your wedding day?  Did they keep you from falling apart?  Our ancestors wore a circular brooch with a pin through it to hold their cloaks together.  Today, we know this design as the Tara brooch.  This iconic Irish jewelry design has a subtle message of thanks, and whenever they pin it on they’re sure to smile.  It’s a bit unusual among Irish gifts, but it is distinct and elegant and completely Celtic.

Picture this: Wedding photography is a distinct art form.  After your wedding, organizing your wedding album will be a large but joyful job.  You and your beloved rightly take the spotlight, but your bridesmaids are also beautiful.  They will be focused on you, but why not ask the photographer to get some snaps of all of you together?  Then you can present each of your bridesmaids with a gorgeous group photo that you’ve gone the extra mile to put in an Irish crystal frame.  Or maybe a personalized frame with an Irish design.

What you chose for your bridesmaids will probably be influenced by how many you had and what your budget is.  You can also find many inexpensive but richly sentimental Irish gifts for bridesmaids including jewelry, pottery and decoration.  Whether you chose a fun mug or a crystal vase, your bridesmaids will be touched by your appreciation of their efforts.

Irish gifts are a great choice for bridesmaids because there are so many choices that are rich in meaning.  If you used any Irish motifs such as the Claddagh or Celtic knots in your wedding theme, you can carry that look over to the presents for your bridesmaids.