Can You Turn Your Yard into a Little Bit of Ireland?


You might not live in the right climate to grow shamrock or have enough room to put a few fluffy sheep in the back yard, but can you still recreate a little bit of Ireland in your back yard?   Or turn your front yard into a showcase for your heritage that offers a warm cead mile failte to visitors?  Perhaps you are looking for some great Irish gifts for summer.  While you may not be able to enjoy the flora and fauna of Ireland at home, you can probably manage an Irish plant or two, and you can certainly add a few stylish touches to your outdoor space to add a little more green to the greenery.

  • Go green! Using local native plants is always a good option, and in many areas you can find a local version of one of Ireland’s native plants.  For example, silver birch is native to Ireland, but if another birch is more suitable or native to your area, that’s a fine option because honestly not that many of us could even tell the difference between two versions of the same species of tree or shrub.  Other great options include holly, honeysuckle, dog rose and for those with the space oak.  For flowers, consider primrose, bluebells and daisies.  You can opt for bells of Ireland, but they are actually Turkish in origin.  If you live in an apartment, a Tree of Life wall hanging can fit anywhere and requires no care or watering.
  • Cead mile failte!  Welcome visitors with outdoor decoration announcing your love of Ireland.  The most beloved of all Irish gifts is a warm greeting – a thousand million welcomes.  The easiest way to do this is to find a welcome mat that says welcome in Irish – failte.  But that’s really just the start.  Door knockers add elegance, whether it is a simple Irish symbol or a detailed heraldic one with your coat of arms.  If you feel a door knocker is too small to show off your coat of arms, you could opt for a heraldic mailbox – or even a replica of an authentic Irish post box.  And there is no reason at all to save those tri-color flags and windsocks for St. Patrick’s Day.
  • Have fun with the wee people!  Invite some mischievous leprechauns into the garden, and you’ll always have someone to blame for anything that goes amiss.  Why settle for mere garden gnomes when you have wee leprechauns around?  As long as they’re there, put them to work.  Solar powered leprechaun lights add a touch of magic, and you can even get a leprechaun key hider… if you trust the leprechauns with your house key. 

Of course, these ideas are only the beginning.  DIY enthusiasts can decorate garden furniture, bird houses and planters in Irish designs or green, white and orange.  If you will going to a house warming or wedding this summer, Irish gifts for the garden are something that can be enjoyed for years to come.