Celebrate Autumn with Tree-themed Irish Gifts

Outside, the leaves are brilliant colors.  Mother Nature is treating us to a show of her dazzling finery.  Drops of rain shine like diamonds on glorious golden leaves in hedgerows across Ireland.  Does it make you want to celebrate autumn with your own show of beauty?  Or perhaps it inspires you to look for Irish gifts that reflect the beauty of autumn trees?  If you have Irish roots, why not embrace them with jewelry, clothing or home décor featuring Celtic tree designs?

The Tree of Life is an iconic Celtic design with endless variations.  What distinguishes it from other tree designs is the general shape.  The leafy upper part of the tree is a semi-circle shape, and the roots are as well.  The trunk appears in the middle of this circle, and the leaves and branches can – but don’t always – meet the roots.  Often the roots and the upper section of the tree are done in knot work.  The whole effect suggests the circle of life and infinity, and the Tree of Life often includes a circle around the image of the tree reinforcing this.

Irish gifts feature other tree designs as well.  While Ireland is now known for its rolling, gentle green hills, this land was once forest.  Our pre-Christian ancestors saw trees as very spiritual, and that’s a sentiment that transcends religion.  If you find yourself drawn to trees for comfort and spiritual refreshment, you just might have a Druid priest somewhere in your family tree.

Celtic tree designs are one of the latest trends in Irish jewelry from dazzling crystal earrings to earthy Connemara marble pendants.  You can find pieces with very stylized designs with clean lines and others rich with intricate detailed Celtic knot work.  They are also popular on Irish gifts for the man in your life from pewter pocket watches to cozy sweatshirts and hoodies to garden decorations. 

The gallery of Celtic motifs available on Irish gifts has expanded a lot in recent years.  Decades ago, shamrocks, Celtic crosses and harps dominated.  Those are classics, to be sure.  But it is wonderful to see other imagery that reflects Ireland and Celtic heritage become easier to find.  Triple spirals, knot work, Book of Kells style illuminated lettering and animal designs and tree motifs highlight different strands of Celtic and Irish design and history. 

In March, the shamrock takes the center stage as we remember St. Patrick.  Weddings are the perfect occasion for the Claddagh ring design’s richly romantic symbolism.  At the spring equinox, attention turns to the passage tombs at Newgrange and their mysterious spiral designs as we wait to see if the sun comes out to illuminate the inner portion of the tomb.  And right now, trees are turning our heads. 

Go ahead and hug a tree this autumn.  A sparkly, elegant silver tree or a rustic metal tree.  Celebrate Ireland’s natural beauty and deep spiritual heritage with Irish gifts featuring tree motifs.