Finding the Right Irish Gifts for Him this Christmas

Finding the perfect Christmas present for the special man in your life isn’t always easy.  You want something meaningful, but not too mushy.  You want it to be personal, but safe to open in front of his mother.  If that man is Irish or enjoys Irish culture and style, your mission won’t be as daunting because you can find a great range of practical and thoughtful Irish gifts for men that are just right.

One thing helps an Irishman stand out no matter where in the world he is – and that is his tweed cap.  Popular with men of all ages, the classic tweed cap actually comes in a variety of styles and colors including the patchwork cap, the eight-piece cap and the simple but classic flat cap.  You’ll have no trouble finding an Irish Donegal tweed cap that complements your special man’s eyes, and Christmas is the perfect time for a new tweed cap to keep him warm.

We Irish are not exactly renowned for being prompt.  We can’t help it, but we do try and a handsome Irish watch might inspire the Irishman in your life to be less late.  A pewter pocket watch is ideal for men who appreciate a hint of vintage style, as is the Irish penny watch, which is made from an actual old Irish penny.  (Those coins were much larger than their American counterparts!)  Men’s wristwatches are available in Irish designs including Book of Kells, Claddagh, Celtic knots, and even family coats of arms. 

If the man in question enjoys Guinness, you are really spoiled for choice.  From a Guinness alarm clock to wake him in the morning to a Guinness Apron for when it’s his turn to cook dinner and even a Guinness chalkboard to leave a note reminding him that it’s his turn to cook, there are all sorts of Irish gifts from the Guinness line of merchandise.  And if he is more of a wine drinker, do not despair.  What about a boxed set of wine tools featuring his family coat of arms?  Hip flasks are also available personalized with his coat of arms.

Celtic rings made nice Irish gifts for men.  Neither delicate nor flashy, they strike just the right note with knot work designs or the classic Claddagh.  Yes, it’s jewelry.  Yes, it is sentimental.   And yes, it is masculine and beautiful.  Whether you propose or not is entirely up to you, but a ring given to a man does not automatically trigger that expectation.

Once you start looking into Irish gifts, your worries about finding the ideal Christmas present for the man in your life will dissolve.  You can find gorgeous gifts to suit every age, lifestyle, interest and budget that also pay tribute to his Celtic heritage or interest in Irish culture.  When you’re shopping online for Irish gifts, you save a lot of time and hassle, but if you want something customized with his coat of arms, make sure you order in time.