Great Irish Gifts for Weddings and House Warmings

Spring is all about new beginnings, and someone you know is starting a new chapter in their life you might be searching for just the right present.  Whether it is a wedding or a house warming or other life occasion such as a retirement, a gift that helps them enjoy their outdoor space while also celebrating their love for Ireland is perfect.

Do your friends like  to let everyone know how much they love their Irish heritage?  They can announce it up front to everyone who comes to their home with a coat of arms mailbox or door knocker.  If heraldry isn’t their thing or their surname isn’t Irish, they might enjoy a plaque reading ‘failte’ or one featuring the Claddagh symbol with their house number on it.  Another option for Irish gifts to decorate the front of a house is an Irish flag.  All of these make great presents for someone moving into a new house or for a couple getting married or moving into their first shared home.

If you are looking for Irish gifts this spring for a friend who enjoys gardening or just spending time in their yard, you have many choices for presents that bring a touch of the emerald isle to enhance the many shades of green in their outdoor space, whether it is acreage or an urban patio or balcony.

Any size yard can be made more enjoyable with paving stones with a Celtic theme.  Whether it is a row of paving stones forming a path through the grass or a single stone in front of a focal point, it adds charm.  Decorative stones featuring Celtic symbols or Irish sayings are another way to bring a little magic to a friend’s garden, patio or balcony.  (And while they are intended to go outside, they actually look great on a mantle or bookshelf inside too.) 

Some Irish gifts for the garden are also functional.  Who wouldn’t prefer a whimsical leprechaun solar light to boring, utilitarian one?  Surely the song birds would rather dine in a bird feeder featuring one of the wee people.  A sundial or a weather vane is not only a classic touch, but it also can be educational for children – and why not get one with some Celtic charm?

This is the season when we’re starting to dream and plan about enjoying our outdoor space as the weather improves.  Whether some one close to you is moving to a new home or giving their current home or garden a new look, a wee bit of Irish charm would go a long way in beautifying their space.

Around the world, May and June are popular months for weddings, and you can find beautiful Irish gifts for the garden and yard that are likely to be enjoyed every day – not just on special occasions when the good crystal comes out.

Ireland is known for our 40 shades of green and stunning scenery, from our rolling fields to our rugged coastlines and ancient ruins.  Happily, you can bring a wee bit of Irish magic to your outdoors to make the most of the coming spring and summer.