How to Find the Perfect Irish Gifts for Your Irish Mother

What makes an Irish mother special?  Well, all mothers are special, but Irish mothers tend to share some traits that make being raised by one a different experience.  Parenting in Ireland has changed enormously in the last couple of generations, and today’s Irish mother is unlikely to wield a wooden spoon or hair brush.  But she is every bit as concerned about what her children are up to, and yes, she knows far more about their shenanigans than can be explained by science.  In other words, no, she didn’t believe you at at friend’s house studying that time you were really out with that one you fancied but she didn’t like.  (And she was probably right, wasn’t she?)

Mothers in general and Irish mothers in particular tend to be very sentimental, and their big day is just weeks away.  Now, moms like to be remembered, but they really don’t usually like their children to break the bank splashing out on fantastic Mothers Day gifts for them.   You can find some beautiful, Irish gifts for Mothers Day that both sentimental and within most budgets.

Now that you’re older, your mother has a treasure trove of memories of you growing up.  No doubt many of those special moments were captured on film.  Why not find the perfect frame for one of those priceless pictures of the two of you?  Whether cheerful and bright or dazzling crystal, photo frames make wonderful Irish gifts for Mothers Day.  Maybe you even have a snap of a trip you both took to Ireland.

Being sentimental, many moms like to have something that they can have with them that reminds them of their children.  A piece of Celtic jewelry is one of those Irish gifts that most women sincerely appreciate and wear.  No matter what your mother’s style is, you should have no trouble finding a pendant that she will adore.  From intricate Celtic crosses and knot work to dazzling Claddagh designs and cheery shamrocks, there is an almost endless array of options for Irish jewelry your mother will love.

If your mother likes Irish gifts, you have many other choices when you are searching for the perfect Mothers Day present for her.  From scarves and tote bags to elegant crystal or Belleek pottery, there is something to perfectly reflect her personal style and love of Irish culture.

These are only a couple of suggestions.  You know your mother best.  You know her sense of fashion, her lifestyle, what she enjoys the most.  You and your siblings are the best judges of what Irish gifts she will appreciate and enjoy the most.  And of course, there is one thing all moms have in common.  What really matters to them is that you thought of them.  Indulge your mother with a lovely gift, but don’t forget that what she really treasures is spending time with you, even if it is via phone or video, and catching up with each other.