Irish Gifts for Your Home & Garden

Summer is the time when we get to enjoy the outdoors.  BBQs, garden parties, lazy evenings on the porch – we have a lot of great reasons to be outside when the weather is good. And when we are spending so much time in our yards and gardens, of course we want them to look fantastic.  We want to really enjoy our outdoor living space, and we want to impress those we invite to join us.  What better way to give your porch, garden or back yard a festive look for summer than to show off your Irish heritage with decorations featuring Irish motifs?

Flying an actual Irish tri-color flag is one way to pin your colors to the mast.  But if you really want to tell the world who you are, you can get one personalized with your family crest.  Perhaps you’d just like to let people know where they are.  A house number featuring an Irish motif such as the Claddagh or some knotwork makes it clear that while you live there, part of your heart is in Ireland.  You can even pick one that welcomes people in Irish with the word ‘failte’.  Dublin is famous for its gorgeous Georgian doorways, and you can bring a bit of that feel to your own front door with a personalized door knocker featuring your name and family crest.  Make life easier for your postal carrier with a mailbox showing off your name and family crest.  Or perhaps a replica of a traditional green Irish mailbox is more your style.

There are so many ways to welcome visitors to your home with beautiful Irish decorations.  If you are looking for Irish gifts for a housewarming present, a personalized number plate, door knocker or mailbox has a serious wow factor.

Transport Yourself to Ireland in Your Back Yard

Summer is the time to lounge in the back yard and daydream.  If you are dreaming of Ireland, you can find some fabulous garden decorations to give your back yard the feel of the old sod.  Hanging metal garden decorations have a timeless feel, especially if they are in the shape of the trinity knot or the tree of life.  You can also enjoy some practical art such as a hanging thermometer in bronze or copper featuring beautiful Celtic knotwork.   Don’t let the notorious lack of sun in Ireland put you off getting a stunning sun dial with an Irish design.

Garden stones with Celtic designs make great Irish gifts for a housewarming or just because.  And yes, you can give yourself one… or more.  Personalized garden stones are a touching present to commemorate something special.  You can have them done with a couple’s names and wedding date as a truly unique wedding present.   This can also be a sweet way to memorialize a beloved pet who has passed.  They can be engraved with your departed pet’s name and dates, and placed in a spot in the yard where your pet liked to relax.

When moving to Ireland is not realistic, you can bring a little touch of Ireland to you with Irish gifts for your home and garden.