Irish Gifts to Keep You Warm


Tourists love Ireland, but they do not come here for the weather.  They come to Ireland despite the wet, cold climate!  As winter swoops in with howling winds and dropping temperatures, it is time to trust some Irish wisdom on staying warm, dry and cozy until spring arrives.  You wouldn’t turn to Ireland for expertise on bikini design or sandal styles, but when it comes to warm and waterproof, we have centuries of hard-earned knowledge on battling the elements.  If you are looking for Irish gifts to keep a loved one snug and dry in the worst weather, you’re in luck.  You’ll find some classic clothes for the season that are more than just practical – they’re also gorgeous.

  • Aran Knit Sweaters: Yes, the intriguing and complex patterns are beautiful but they also keep you warmer by increasing the insulation factor of your Aran sweater, especially if you are layering and have a coat over it.   Wool is a perfect natural fabric to withstand the elements because it is naturally water-resistant, which is why the fishermen of the Aran Islands wore it when they went out on their boats in the first place.  
  • Aran Knit Accessories: Sweaters are not the only things featuring traditional Aran knitting designs.  If you are looking for more budget friendly Irish gifts, you can find beautiful Aran hats, scarves and more with amazingly detailed Aran knit patterns.  They can add the perfect Irish touch to any winter gear or complete the look when paired with an Aran sweater.
  • Capes: For a really super fashion statement, try an Irish wool cape.  Convenient and practical yet dramatic, a long wool cape is perfect for a night at the opera or a day at the office.  An Irish wool cape is a classic investment to be enjoyed for many winters.  It transcends trends for a timeless, elegant look.
  • Throw Blankets: Sometimes no amount of warm and waterproof gear can entice you from the couch.  Glazing at the roaring fire and dozing a bit is a fine way to pass a cold winter evening, and why not do it in style with a Celtic design throw?  You can even find pillow covers featuring coats of arms, which are an ideal way to claim the spot on the couch closest to the fire. 

If you are shopping for Irish gifts this winter and want to find something that will be used and enjoyed for many years to come, traditional Irish winter wear is hard to beat.  These are designs that have looked good in every decade for generations, so they will never be too ‘last season’ to be worn with pride.  And they are durable enough to withstand not only the elements, but also years of wear.  Whether you are shopping for someone who is out and about in all weather or someone who would rather hibernate under a blanket on the couch until spring, they will appreciate your warm wishes.