Irish Wedding Gifts - Picture Frame

Irish Wedding Gifts for Newlyweds

Weddings in 2021 won’t be like weddings just a couple of years ago, but people will still get married and you can still send on some personal Irish Wedding Gifts to the happy couple. And their friends and family will celebrate their new journey together in innovative and safe ways. But one thing will remain the same – the desire to give meaningful Irish wedding gifts that the couple will love. If the newlyweds have some Celtic heritage or if they simply love Irish culture, Irish gifts are sure to be a hit. Here are some top ideas for wedding presents the couple will truly treasure.

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Irish Wedding Gifts – Wall Hangings

Whether they’ve been living together for years or plan to set up housekeeping for the first time when they wed, a beautiful decoration for the wall will make their home homier. If they have Irish surnames, a plaque with their family coats of arms is perfect. A plate featuring a traditional Irish blessing is a classic in any home. The Claddagh symbol represents love, friendship and loyalty, making it ideal for weddings. Any decoration with the Claddagh on it will remind them of those values in their own marriage.

Irish Wedding Gifts – Picture Frames

Couples treasure their wedding photos. A wedding album is great, but it is even better to have wedding photos and other pictures of themselves in nice frames on the wall where they are seen and appreciated every day. The couple has many adventures ahead, and those will give them plenty of joyful moments worthy of being framed and displayed. A happy family can always use picture frames because they are always making new memories. Whether their taste runs to elegant Belleek frames, dazzling crystal or fun personalized ones, picture frames are an Irish wedding gift you know will be used and appreciated.

Irish Wedding Gifts – Throw Blankets

These strange times have made it clear how important it is for our homes to comfortable. Even in times where we can go out often, there’s nothing like a night in with your beloved. Cozy movie nights. An Irish Marriage Blessing throw will remind them of their big day every time they snuggle up to binge-watch a new favorite show. A stylish Foxford throw with a houndstooth design adds to any home. Foxford throws are made with merino wool for extra warmth. A throw blanket with a distinctly Irish theme will give any room more charm and personality.

Irish Wedding Gifts – Collectibles

Does the couple have a love for any particular Irish gifts? If they have a piece of Belleek or crystal, they would probably love to add to it with more from that brand or style. They’ll enjoy watching their collection grow over the years to come, and they’ll remember how it started with that perfect wedding gift. Belleek even makes an Irish makeup bell, a traditional gift for couples to ring during a disagreement to remind them of the church bells and their wedding vows. From practical items such as tea sets to delightful decorations, collectibles from beloved Irish design houses are a great wedding gift.

If you know someone taking that big step this year, no matter how they navigate celebrating, you want to get them something special. Irish gifts are great for weddings because they are beautiful and full of meaning. Why not get something you know will be treasured for many years to come?

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