Irish Wedding Rings & What They Mean

Irish Wedding Rings & What They Mean

It’s the one piece of jewelry you’ll wear every single day, so picking a wedding ring is a big decision.
You don’t have to go with a plain gold band. Your relationship is beautiful, special and unique. Why
not pick Irish wedding rings for men and women that are distinctive and rich in meaning? If you’re
looking for more than a basic wedding band, read on and learn about the symbolism of these
stunning rings.


Classic Claddagh
This beloved design offers a romantic backstory as well as significant symbolism. Galway fisherman
Richard Joyce was captured by pirates and enslaved to a goldsmith, leaving behind the love of his
life. While away, he created a design of two hands holding a heart with a crown to symbolize
friendship, love and loyalty. Upon his return, he presented it to his beloved, who had waited for him.

Tying the Celtic Knot
A motif without beginning or end is ideal to represent your eternal, undying love and devotion to
each other. Dating back centuries, Celtic knotwork comes in many different designs. But they all
feature intricate, unbroken lines wound around each other. Two entwined lines give an extra layer
of meaning to a Celtic wedding band.

Trinity Knots & Triskals
Three isn’t a crowd in Celtic lore. In pre-Christian Ireland, people worshiped a triple goddess
represented by three connected spirals. The conversion to the Christian faith with its Holy Trinity
meant a repurposing of designs based on threes. Trinity knots and triskals can represent faith, but
are also often used to represent the past, present and future – making them beautiful designs for
Irish wedding rings.

Mo Anam Cara
You can spell out that you are marrying your soulmate right on your ring in the Irish language. Mo
anam cara is the Irish for soulmate or friend of my soul. Whether you are an Irish speaker or not,
these three little words are a stylish and succinct reminder of just why you are wearing that ring.

Ancient Words of Love
The earliest form of written language in Ireland was Ogham, an alphabet devised of crossed lines. If
you want wedding rings that speak to your deepest roots and what binds you together, a design
featuring the Ogham spelling of “faith” is beautiful option. Ogham was generally carved on
standing stones to mark the location of important events.
These are not the only options for wedding rings with a distinct Celtic flair. You can also choose
bands that feature the stone carvings of ancient Newgrange or the designs found on the Ardagh
Chalice. Do you love the animal designs in the Book of Kells? You can find rings inspired by them.
Celtic wedding rings offer you a chance to make a statement about your marriage. These are
timeless motifs rich in meaning. Your relationship is unique. You’ve traveled your own path together
to build a shared history that is now the foundation for your future life. An Irish wedding band with a
gorgeous and meaningful design is a chance to celebrate that.