Perfect Irish Gifts for Every Mom

While mothers in Ireland had their day in March, Irish mothers in North America are looking forward to their celebration in May.  Nothing touches the heart like a handmade gift from her little ones, but let’s be honest.  She does deserve something really special.  Small children can’t shop alone, and helping them pick the perfect present for their mom is an important job.  And if that mother in question has Celtic roots, helping them find the just right Irish gifts for her is also fun.  Celebrate the mother in your life – your own mom, your children’s mother or that awesome friend who deserves it – while also celebrating her heritage or love of Ireland.

The Busy Mom: She never stops.  She’s a blur of motion wiping spills, lifting children, and serving up snacks.  She works hard and plays hard with her kids.  And she is almost always ready for anything.  Baby wipes, snacks, first aid supplies, toys, change of clothes – she somehow manages to bring them all everywhere.

Ideal Irish gifts: tote bags or travel mugs with an Irish design, or a hoody because while she packs clothes for all weather for the children, she sometimes gets caught out herself if it gets chilly… or if someone spills something and she needs to cover up what she’s wearing.

The Earth Mother: She takes the time to explain where food comes from and points out the different birds to her children.  They love family camping trips.  Her favorite places are her garden and her kitchen.  She loves growing and cooking her own food.  She is a nurturer.  So why not nurture her and support her interests?

Ideal Irish gifts: She spends time in the garden, so garden ornaments are a natural.  The Amazing Woman line of kitchen accessories is perfect for her.  And really, she does deserve to sit down and relax, and she’s wise enough to know that.  So how about an elegant mug or teapot for one?

The Modest Mommy: She works so hard, but it’s easy to forget that because she just gets stuff done.  She makes sure everyone has what they need and want, but what about her?  She isn’t a martyr.  She never – well, very rarely – complains.  The house is immaculate.  She’s known at her job for mucking in and working hard.  But she’s a bit like Cinderella.

Ideal Irish gifts: This mom needs a bit of bling.  You know she is a queen, but she tends to forget that herself.  How about some stunning Irish jewelry to remind her?  A family birthstone ring or necklace is a beautiful way to remind her that you know she is an absolute treasure.

Whether her children are usually found in her arms or they are grown and flown, a mother deserves some special care on her special day.  Motherhood is the best and hardest job out there.  While most moms really deserve a superhero cape and a crown, few would wear them.  But you can find Celtic gifts she will adore.