Perfect Irish Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Perfect Irish Gifts for Valentine’s Day

It’s coming to that time of year again when you decide do you stick or twist? Do you stick with the traditional, tried and trusted and go with the cliche. Or, do you twist and look for something outside the box?

Here’s what we’re thinking – Irish Jewelry, Irish Gifts, Irish Clothing can all certainly give you that something different come February 14th this year.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be all about roses, chocolates and restaurants. It’s a perfect time to give your beloved Irish gifts. After all, a relic of St. Valentine is housed in Dublin’s Whitefriar Street Church. It’s a popular spot for couples to visit, especially on Valentine’s feast day, but it’s a bit of out of the way for most of the Irish diaspora!

Irish Gifts for Valentine’s Day – Instead, you can choose a gift for your loved one that celebrates his or her love of Ireland.

Perfect Irish Gifts for Valentine’s Day – Gifts for Herself

Jewelry is a perennially popular choice, and you can find a nearly endless choice of Irish jewelry with classically Celtic designs such as the Claddagh, trinity knot, shamrocks and swirls inspired by ancient stone carvings.   If she doesn’t wear much jewelry, a watch is a more practical option that can be just as beautiful.

Does your beloved have a sparkling personality? If you are looking for something to match it, your options extend beyond jewelry. Crystal is one of the most stunning and elegant Irish gifts, and you can choose anything from a gorgeous ring holder to a dramatic vase to hold those red roses.

Does the lady in your life prefer her roses growing outside surrounded by other flowers? If her idea of luxury involves a comfortable view from the patio, she might love to see a lasting reminder of your feelings while she’s there. A paving stone or metal hanging with a trinity knot or a tree of life will add a touch of Irish to her outdoor space.

Perfect Irish Gifts for Valentine’s Day – Gifts for Himself

Jewelry isn’t only for women. The man in your life might appreciate a bit of adornment as well. Claddagh and Celtic design rings are the first things that comes to mind, but why not venture off that beaten track for other Irish gifts for him? What about a classic pocket watch or cufflinks with a Celtic artwork? And yes, men can rock pendants and bracelets as well, and you find solidly masculine, Irish designs on both.

Consider the starring role music has in many love stories. Your song. The concerts you go to on dates. The careful selections made by couples planning their wedding for the entrance song, the exit song, the first dance at their reception. Mixed tapes have gone out of date, and downloading some tunes seems impersonal. What about a tin whistle or bodhran drum so he can make some beautiful music?

Why not turn up the sizzle factor for him? Lingerie is a popular gift for women at St. Valentine’s Day, but do men wear that makes hearts beat a little faster? Hint, it isn’t Speedos. Who can resist a man in a kilt? Few, very few. If you’ve always fancied your fella in a kilt, this is the perfect time to get him one.

Don’t fall back on cliche this year when you can celebrate your beloved this Valentine’s Day with romantic Irish gifts. Irish Gifts for Valentine’s Day will make someone special happy and certainly put you in the good books!

You might not be able to walk hand in hand along the Cliffs of Moher or watch the sunset over Galway Bay, but you can still make Ireland part of your Valentine’s Day. That’s what our team at IrishShop can help you with so just get in touch today and let’s make this year’s St. Valentine’s Day incredibly special for you and your someone special.