Irish Sterling Silver Crystal Birthstone Claddagh Ring & Necklace

Romantic Irish Gifts for St. Valentine’s Day

Ireland offers its own brand of rugged romance. The Atlantic waves crashing below the cliffs. The glimmer of moonlight on wet cobblestones. The Moon rising above fields fenced by rock walls and rows of trees. The cozy glow of firelight in a pub or country cottage. It’s no surprise then that lovers can find so many romantic Irish gifts for each other.

New Twists on Classic Irish Jewelry

Jewelry has always been one of the most popular romantic Irish gifts. From the classic silver or gold Claddagh ring to modern takes on Celtic knotwork, the options are dazzling. Ancient knotwork designs on symbols such as a heart, the moon or a key (to your heart, of course) are a beautiful way to make a statement to your loved one with Celtic jewelry.

The moon is seen by cultures around the world as a symbol of the feminine. In pre-Christian times, the Irish worshipped a triple goddess and decorated sacred places with intricate carvings of spirals. Locks have become a popular way to express love, with couples leaving padlocks on bridges around the world. Dublin’s Ha’penny and Millennium bridges have sported dozens of locks, although the city removes them. Sadly, they cause damage. But you can embrace the symbolism with a stunning key pendant instead. Hearts are such as universal, classic symbol of love – who could resist one with a Trinity knot and a couple of cherubs?

Say It with Sparkle

Crystal Irish gifts are perfect for the man or woman in your life. Ireland has a long and rich history of making crystal. Do you and your beloved like to raise a toast with champagne or wine? Or do you prefer to get cozy in front of the fire with an Irish coffee? Either way, doing it with sparkling crystal glasses makes it more special. Don’t save the nice things for someday. Enjoy them right now, together.

If you like to give each other flowers, what about an Irish crystal vase? It’s a delightful way to make the light part of the bouquet. Or you could frame a photo of the two of you in a crystal frame. That’s a dazzling way to remember and celebrate your favorite moments together.

For Someone Who Lights Up Your Life

Candlelight is synonymous with romance. You can give your own table as much flair and elegance as any restaurant with Irish crystal candlesticks that catch and reflect the light, adding a sense of magic to your evening.

Belleek Parian China makes gorgeous luminaires with US electrical fittings. These cast a soft, cozy glow when you want to dim the lights, and the designs add a touch of Irish beauty to the room day or night.

February is the time to embrace love and show our appreciation for those who add that extra flair and depth to our lives. Candy and flowers are nice, but maybe you want to do more. This St. Valentine’s Day you can embrace some Celtic romance with meaningful Irish gifts for your beloved.