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The Jean Butler Jewelry Collection – Beauty Through Movement

The Jean Butler Jewelry Collection – Beauty Through Movement

Jean Butler is an Irish jewelry designer whose collection and design approach is inspired by her past, her dancing and her native Ireland. Most people would recognize Jean as an internationally renowned Irish dancer who is best known as the star of the global phenomenon Riverdance.

Jean Butler grew up in New York surrounded by images and stories of all things Irish. Her mother, originally from County Mayo on the west coast of Ireland, took her to her first Irish Dance class at the age of just four, and the rest, as they say, is history. Nowadays Jean has become one of Ireland’s great cultural ambassadors and is now a jewelry designer who has now transformed the Irish jewelry scene with her exciting jewelry range.

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Where it all began – The Irish Connection

Jean’s interest in jewelry started at a young age, playing in her mother’s jewelry box. It was there she found Irish Jewelry pieces such as iconic Claddagh rings, Tara brooches, a St. Bridget’s Cross of all shapes and sizes. Pieces that were authentically Irish and were worn with a great sense of pride, symbolizing a true and everlasting connection with Ireland and its heritage and traditions.

‘In New York it is said that wearing a Claddagh ring says something about you – it helps identify you, and makes you feel special.’ It was this feeling and sense of purpose that became the inspiration for the Jean Butler Jewelry Collection.

This sowed a set that would grow into her fine jewelry designs. Her future was set.

10th Anniversary

The Jean Butler Jewelry Collection was launched in 2011. The designs are all inspired by Ireland, its landscape, its scenery and all its natural beauty. It has succeeded in creating brand new pieces for the jewelry market that develop a true emotional connection between the pieces and the island from where their inspiration comes.

With this 10 year anniversary, we have decided to have an exclusive promotional sale on our Jean Butler Jewelry range with up to 80% off.

Design approach and collections pieces

The end result is Irish jewelry that is unique, stands out, and proudly displays the very best of Ireland.

All the pieces from the Jean Butler Jewelry Collection burst with a sense of Irishness. Between the feathers, shamrock buds, birds, and wildflowers all subtlety incorporated in sterling silver with gold and rose toning, this is a unique and stunning jewelry collection.

  • Shamrock Buds – These Sterling silver drop earrings are designed with Celtic Vine leaves and yellow-toned shamrock buds. The Celtic Vine embodies the great and far-reaching Irish Diaspora, entwining generations throughout history, both old and new. A matching Sterling Silver Irish Shamrock Bud bracelet can be seen here.
  • Wild Flowers This sterling silver Irish Ring features wildflower petals with gold toning centre and is not to be missed. The perfect match of Irish charm, grace and elegance all in one piece. A beautiful matching Sterling Silver Wild Flower bracelet is also available in this range.
  • Birds – These Sterling Silver Irish Earrings are designed with a true sense and love of nature featuring an 18k gold plate bird on a Celtic vine. View the matching Sterling Silver and 18k gold plated Bird Link bracelet here. Also, featured in this collection is Sterling Silver and 18k gold plated Bird Link Irish ring.

The Jean Butler Jewelry Collection

Jean’s enthusiasm and respect for design and form mirror her success as one of the most respected and talented performers to engage in the art of dance.

Ultimately stylish and forever wearable, jewelry by Jean Butler, can be handed down from one generation to the next strengthening the ties that bind us to the beauty of Ireland.

The Jean Butler Collection consists of a number of one-of-a-kind jewelry ranges and styles which really capture the character and heritage of Ireland in their contemporary designs.  The collection consists of rings, bracelets, pendants and earrings.

Authentic and Quality Assured

Each piece is carefully crafted in sterling silver, complemented by gold toning and hallmarked in the Assay Office in Dublin Castle.

“I feel my Irishness has always been expressed by the jewelry I wear. Growing up of Irish descent, I was surrounded by images of Ireland that even today remind me of who I am and where I come from. These images are the inspiration for the May Collection. Named after my Grandmother, the connection to my Irish heritage will always remain.”Jean Butler

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Jean Butler Jewelry with IrishShop
Jean Butler Jewelry with IrishShop