Marriage Proposal

Tis the Season for Marriage Proposals

Proposal season is upon us. Traditionally, the most popular times of the year to get engaged are Christmas, New Year’s and St. Valentine’s Day. The pandemic has affected everyone, but one thing never changes, no matter what calamity strikes. Love. People keep falling in love in hard times and in good times. If you’ve been thinking about whether you want to commit to being together for better or worse, you’ve seen what worse can look like. Has that convinced you that you’ve found the one? Are you ready to start shopping for the perfect engagement ring and planning how you’ll propose?

Proposals are as unique as people. Some yearn to pop the question on a tropical beach or an exotic landmark such as the Eiffel Tower. Some want to have lots of loved ones nearby to celebrate the moment or announce their love to the world at a sports game or other very public event. Others feel less is more and want to keep the moment just between the two of them. Their dream proposal is during a walk on the beach or a forest hike, or maybe in front of the fire at home.

Some couples have gone beyond the traditional engagement photos and have a photographer on hand to capture the actual proposal. No matter where or how you propose, the photos are not the only lasting souvenir of the moment. The ring is. You might slyly check her size and buy it in advance to have when you propose, or you might select it together after she’s said yes. Either way, you want a ring is stunning, distinctive and meaningful.

Celtic engagement rings offer many layers of meaning. They go beyond just showing your intention to wed. An Irish engagement ring shows your connection to this little island and its rich history and culture. The detail in Celtic art and design is exquisite. To represent eternity, the lines that form those signature looping knots have no beginning or end.

The trinity knot is particularly perfect for an engagement ring. Featuring three loops, this ancient Celtic knot represents your past, present and future together. It honors your parents and ancestors,
the two of you, and the generations to come. The trinity knot also has religious significance for Christians and some pagans. It can represent the Holy Family of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and in pre-Christian Ireland people worshipped a triple goddess and used triple spirals to represent her. A pair of Trinity knots makes a stunning setting for a diamond.

If you are looking for a dazzling, elegant engagement ring, consider choosing a Celtic design. Our Celtic engagement rings offer beauty and profound significance. You can choose white or yellow gold, and a variety of diamond cuts. Ordering your engagement ring online also means you can relax at home while browsing the options, whether you want to pick it in advance of your proposal or choose it together after she says yes.