Top 5 Irish Gifts for Warm Climates

Ireland has a cool, wet climate, so it makes sense that many traditional products are geared to that. Warm Aran knits and cozy wool throw blankets make an Irish winter comfortable, but they aren’t much use in most of Florida or Arizona! That can make it challenging to find the perfect Irish Christmas present for loved ones in warm climates. But some traditional Irish goods are perfect for any climate, and a few are even extra lovely in sunny places.  Here’s a quick guide to some fantastic Irish gifts for people living in a very un-Irish climate.

  1. Celtic jewelry is always a great choice because you can find a range of Irish motifs to suit everyone. Shamrocks, spirals, knotwork and harps all symbolize Irish heritage. Some symbols such as the Newgrange triple spiral and the Claddagh are linked to specific places in Ireland. Another reason to pick jewelry is that you can find beautiful pieces at every price range.
  2. Irish themed home barware makes a useful and fun Christmas present in a warm climate. If you’re going to be having cold drinks, why not enjoy them in a glassware that celebrates Ireland? Anyone with a home bar can enjoy coasters and fun bar signs with Irish themes. The recipient is sure to raise a glass to toast you upon opening this gift.
  3. Aran knits and tweed caps aren’t the only clothes that reflect Irish culture. Rugby shirts are a good choice because the game is very popular in Ireland. A baseball cap with a Celtic design or a Guinness logo is sure to be enjoyed in a bright, sunny climate.
  4. Nothing makes Irish crystal sparkle like some sunlight. We might not get much of it in Ireland, but our signature crystal glasses, vases and bowls sure look amazing in a sunny spot. A set of Irish crystal goblets is a lavish gift, and a simple crystal vase is elegant and beautiful.
  5. Most people are intrigued by their names and family history. An Irish gift personalized with the recipient’s surname and coat of arms will be treasured. And you can find everything from glassware to shirts. For a really personal touch, you can’t do better than a personalized gift.

The Irish have migrated all over the globe to every type of climate. We can be found in cold places like Canada and hot climates such as Australia. Some places such as Boston and New York are known for their vibrant Irish communities, but we also thrive in places where most of our Irish connections are online.

One thing is for sure. No matter where we go or what the climate is like where we make our home, some part of our hearts is deeply attached to this soggy little island. And we are famous everywhere for our love of celebrating Ireland. So, no matter how hot it is where we live, Irish gifts are always treasured.