Two Top Designers Celebrate Mother Nature’s Irish Gifts

It’s all about the shamrock in March, but now in summer, the Irish wildflowers take center stage.  In delicate blues, warm buttery yellows and vivid purples, Irish wildflowers cover meadows and line streams, thriving under the ever changing sun and rain.  The Burren region is famous for wildflowers, but Mother Nature’s floral Irish gifts are found all over the island.  Customs tend to be quite strict about importing plants and seeds, but people around the world can still enjoy the beauty of Irish flowers thanks to some of the top names in Irish gifts.

One of the biggest names in Irish giftware is Belleek.  This historic porcelain pottery manufacturer based in County Fermanagh is best known for their delicate, collectible works featuring dainty shamrocks, but they also make beautiful pieces with flowers.  You can find their blessing plates, gift boxes and other items decorated with luscious yellow and purple flowers, and those are the same colors you would see dotting the Irish countryside over the summer.  Experts can spot a true Belleek piece because of its luminous, iridescent surface.  They look as if the sun is shining on them in almost any light.

These distinctive items will bring summer into your home year ‘round and become family heirlooms.  So beloved and enduring is the Belleek artistry that their gifts and tableware make ideal wedding presents

Jean Butler made a name for herself as an Irish dancer in Riverdance, where she shared the billing with Michael Flatley.  The two of them co-choreographed the original, shorter version.  Now Butler has become a name in jewelry with her line of delicate, elegant necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets.  Featuring knot work, flowers and butterflies in contrasting tones of silver and gold, Butler’s jewelry shows a very feminine side of Irish design using the images of an Irish summer.

These delightful pieces of jewelry make ideal Irish gifts for ladies with summer birthdays, and they’ll add a splash of summery feeling to any day year round.  Sterling silver with gold plated elements, Jean Butler’s jewelry can be easily mixed with other pieces and also looks stunning solo.

Irish design is more well known for heavy textiles.  Our Aran knits and tweed caps are more suitable to the climate Ireland has most of the year, and they are what people tend to think of when they think of Irish design.  But our summer days are like jewels, as dazzling as they are rare! 

Summer is such a brief, fleeting season in Ireland that we need to capture its beauty in things we can enjoy all through the year.  No matter where in the world you live, a dash of Irish summer will add a bit of magic to your life 365 days a year.  When you are looking for Irish gifts for someone who loves the colors of summer and adores flowers, Belleek and Jean Butler are two of the best names to consider for high quality, gorgeous items that will be treasured.