We’re Not Late – We’re on Irish Time

Being fashionably late is one of those Irish gifts that is so deeply rooted it goes beyond being a quirk.  It’s a national norm.  It isn’t so much a matter of being inconsiderate as it is of being flexible.  You’ve probably heard it said that the pace of life is slower in Ireland than in North America.  It’s true.  Perhaps the reason it’s true is because we aren’t watching the second hand spin ‘round the clock.  We aren’t trying to stuff more into our 24 hours than fits.  We’ll forgive you if you are late.

This lack of interest in punctuality should not be confused with a lack of interest in what time it is.  In towns and villages around Ireland, church bells ring out the hour.  In some, they ring every quarter hour.  And if you are only 15 minutes behind the agreed meeting time, that doesn’t qualify as being late.

It is nearly impossible to get a specific time out of any kind of repair person in small town Ireland.  “After dinner” is a popular time; dinner being the midday meal.  It is helpful to confirm if that refers to today’s dinner or some random future day’s dinner.

While we don’t have our eyes glued to the clock, timepieces are beautiful Irish gifts.  Most homes boast a beautiful clock above the fireplace or in some other prominent location in the house.  A nice clock is as much a part of the home’s decor as it is a tool to tell the time.  And there are clocks with Celtic designs to suit every taste.

An elegant crystal clock is a perfect wedding gift.   When it catches the light, it is dazzling and joyful, adding sparkle to any room.  Crystal goes with any color scheme.  It’s a true classic.  An Irish crystal clock is also a wonderful wedding anniversary gift.  Crystal is the traditional gift for a 15th wedding anniversary.  A wall clock with an Irish blessing, saying or design is also a good present or a wedding or house warming.

Watches are also stylish and practical Irish gifts for men and women.  The variety available is massive.  From cheerful, classic shamrocks to stunning Celtic knots and Book of Kells style artwork, from dainty and delicate to colorful and stunning, watches featuring Irish designs are sure to please as birthday presents or anniversary gifts.  You can even find pocket watches with a range of Irish designs. 

A timepiece is a gift that says a lot, and one with an Irish design might suggest that someone is worth waiting for and running late is forgiven.  When you want Irish gifts that say ‘I have time for you’ or ‘Let’s spend some time together’, a clock or watch with a beautiful Irish design sends the perfect message.  And if you have Irish heritage, you have a built in excuse if you are late delivering the gift.  We’re known for many things – literature, music and friendliness top the list – but punctuality is not one of them!