Valentine’s Day Irish Gifts – Why they are perfect for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day Irish Gifts – Perfect for 2021

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and we know that couples everywhere are wondering what they should get for their significant others. Will flowers and a card do this year? This is very much a common question we hear.

This Valentines Day, with the help of our team at, give a gift made in Ireland and make it a very special day indeed for you and a loved one. We have the perfect Valentine’s Day Irish Gifts for him and her for you all.

Never mind the sea of pink and red that we will all see and witness over the coming weeks.  Forget those images of the Eiffel Tower or tropical beaches.  We are proud to say that Ireland is in fact one of the most romantic countries on earth, so Irish gifts are perfect for men or women for St. Valentine’s Day.

Are you skeptical?  Thinking maybe big woolly sweaters and constant rain are not romantic?  We beg to differ.  Here are a few of the many reasons that Ireland is a world leader in romance.

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  • Romantic Scenery.  Castles and ruins dot the landscape of Ireland.  Some are famous and offer visitor’s centers, while others are untouched and untamed.  Where else would you take the queen or king of your heart than a castle?  There’s a love story in every castle’s history.  That’s only one of the reasons a castle – ruined or restored – is an ideal place to visit on your honeymoon or vacation as well as the best backdrop for a proposal.  Irish gifts and artwork that feature our famous scenery and castles capture the spirit of Ireland’s romantic scenery.
  • Romantic Relics.  Normally, the relics of the saints are not especially romantic.  But Dublin’s Whitefriar Church is home to a relic of none other than the patron saint of romance himself – St. Valentine.  Just having his relics here in Ireland ups the romance rating for the whole island.
  • Romantic Climate.  Who says the tropics are romantic?  As the song says, it’s too damn hot.  Ireland is the opposite.  Our damp, cool climate inspires closeness and cuddling.  We need a lot of roaring turf fires, and what is more romantic than an open fire blazing away?  A little of that coziness comes along with all romantic Irish gifts from jewelry to crystal.
  • Romantic Motifs.  Most Irish gifts are rich in symbolism.  The Claddagh has the heart, hands and crown to symbolize love, friendship and loyalty.  Some Celtic knots have specific meanings, but all of them represent eternity.  That is why they have no beginning and no end.  A Valentine’s Day gift with a romantic Irish motif says so much about you and who you give it to.

So many Irish gifts are romantic in design and heritage. This is why Valentine’s Day Irish Gifts make sense. 

Obviously, Celtic jewelry is at the top of the list.  But there is much more!  Ireland is famous for Crystal and Galway Crystal.  Irish crystal vases, glasses, decanters, ring holders and ornaments.  All of those make great St. Valentine’s Day presents for both men and women.  The intricate cuts in Irish crystal sparkle in the light, and your beloved will enjoy that beauty for much longer than a box of chocolates would last!

Many Irish gifts feature romantic motifs such as the Claddagh design or Celtic knots.  You can find these on watches, flasks, artwork, vases and throw blankets.  Pretty much any item with these designs has a hint of romance about it.  No matter what your beloved likes, you can find a perfect St. Valentine’s Day gift with an Irish design.  It will symbolize your love and call to mind one of the most romantic places on earth – Ireland!

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