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Your ring size, get it right with IrishShop

Have you spotted your dream ring online but unsure of your exact ring size? We find this is common amongst our customers, so we’re here to help.

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So how do you find out your ring size? Did you know that we offer all of our customers a free ring sizer?

The most accurate way is to have this done professionally by a local jeweler, however, we know that this is not always practical so we have a solution for you. We are offering you a free ring sizer which can be mailed to you before you purchase your Irish or Celtic rings from us at

To receive your free ring sizer all you have to do is to fill in your details on this page and we will mail one to you. Please note: allow approx. 10 working days for this to arrive by mail to the U.S. or Canada.


How does ring sizing work?

Our plastic multisize ring gauge is ideal for self finger sizing. The multisizer works like a belt, forming a ring that is then placed over the finger and adjusted to give a comfortable fit.

Simply read off the indicated size, this multisizer is marked with standard US Ring Sizes and is perfect for those that are unsure of their size.

Please note the ring sizer is suitable for both men and women so work away and use it to measure your finger, his finger or her finger.


Sizing your finger

Your ring finger size actually fluctuates throughout the day. Most people’s fingers vary with temperature, blood circulation and fluid retention. So we always recommend taking your ring finger size in the morning, afternoon and evening. If this is done this will ensure you record your accurate size and be fully confident in it. Daily temperature fluctuations can cause your fingers to swell during the summer and reduce in the winter so you need to be mindful of this.

The size of a finger is typically recorded in millimeters as to be precise as possible.

Tip – when two sizes seem to fit you for a given ring always go with the larger size. This is because it is easier to take the metal out of a shank than it is to add it in.


Male and Female Ring Size: The average ring size of a woman is between six and eight, while the average size of a man’s is between nine and eleven.


Are you planning a surprise gift or asking someone a certain question?

Don’t worry most people have no idea what their beloved’s ring size is until the time comes to purchase one of the most important pieces of jewelry one will buy in their lifetime. We can confirm it is not common knowledge to know their ring size or your ring size off the top of your head!

We can help with this as well. Our free ring sizer is ideal for this situation as well.

  • Step 1: Find a ring they have or use on the same finger or on their other hand
  • Step 2: Try on one of their rings, and mark on your finger where it fits/settles using our ring sizer.
  • Step 3: We can now work out the size of their ring finger based off your reading.


Happy Customer – Ring Size

Ellen Zakrzewski – United States

I have been very happy with the jewelry…

I have been very happy with the jewelry I have purchased. The green stones really look like Emeralds. What I really like is the half sizes in the rings. It is impossible to get that anywhere. I would recommend The Irish Shop to everyone. When I shop I feel like I am back in Ireland again.

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Ring Size – We offer rings in half sizes

As Ellen mentions above we offer our customers a huge variety of rings in half sizes which is not very common.

You can view all of our half-size Irish rings here.

You can view all of our half-size Wedding rings here.


How can we help – Get in touch

When it comes to your ring size we are here to help. Our dedicated team are on hand to assist you with any ring finger sizing and product queries you might have. Please just get in contact with us here.

Order your free ring sizer here.