Personalized 19" Irish Doll - Poppy


Meet Poppy! With a red dress and braids this 19" doll is ready to become a treasured toy for your child. Add a personalized name (11 characters max) to the doll! From Ireland. Shipped separately, please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Hang tag includes dolls personality information:
“Hiiiii! I’m Poppy. My mum chose the name Poppy, because it is her very favourite flower. I love flowers too. Were you named after someone or something? I have a baby brother. His name is Josh. He’s very new and ve-eee-ry tiny. He sleeps a lot and smells really nice. It’s fun being a big sister. I have my own bedroom too. My room has pink curtains, pink cushions and a pink bedspread. Can you guess what my favourite colour is? I love to colour pictures with my marker pens but the thing I most love to do, in the whole wide world, is play with my dolls. I have so many dolls; big dolls and small dolls; short dolls and tall dolls. I love choosing their outfits and brushing their hair. Do you like playing with dolls? Oooh I just know we can be special friends”.

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