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Traditional Irish Clay Pipe


Authentic Handmade Claypipe presented in a high quality box with parchment history scroll. The pipe is approx 5.5" long, 1.5" tall at is tallest point and the bowl is .75" in diameter.  

The Traditional Irish Clay Pipe The village of Knockcroghery in County Roscommon, Ireland, was famous for almost 300 years as a center for the production of clay pipes or "Dúidíns". In the late 1800's virtually the entire village was involved in the manufacture of the pipes with seven different families involved each with their own kiln. The Dúidíns were smoked extensively throughout the country by both men and women. They were particularly popular at "wakes" where trays of tobacco filled pipes, Guinness and Whiskey would be laid out for the mourners.

Production of the pipes ceased abruptly in 1921 when the village was burned down during the 'War of Independence'. The craft has now been revived using the traditional process at the original site of Curleys Claypipe factory.

Using the original moulds and tools, each pipe is hand-made using the same skills employed by artisans centuries ago. Traditional craftsmanship renders each pipe a unique, authentic Irish craft piece. "Traditionally, before smoking, the shank of the claypipe was dipped into some Guinness or Whiskey. This sealed the mouthpiece and imparted a good flavor to the clay" The Traditional Irish Clay Pipe


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