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'Dewi and Boann' Trinity Knot Wedding Watches

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Dewi and Boann Trinity Knot Irish Wedding Watches. D6836wg - Dewi: Men's silver-plated bracelet watch. Two toned plating, shiny and matt. Japanese quartz calendar movement. Case diameter 1.4 inch (35mm). Ladies 1.2 inch (29mm). Dustproof construction. Nickle free. Stainless steel back. Dial: matt white background with mirrored embossed Trinity symbol and luminous hour markers. Dewi was an ancient god, worshipped primarily in Wales. He was represented by a Great Red Serpent; this symbol in the form of a dragon is on the official emblem of Wales. Boann: Goddess of the river Boyne. In one version of her legend she was the wife of the water god Nechtan. According to another she was the wife of a local deity, Elcmar of the Bruigh. The Dagda, wishing to sleep with Boann, tricked Elcmar into undertaking an errand. Though the errand seemed to Elcmar to take but one day, in reality the Dagda had caused the sun to stand still for nine months. During that period Boann gave birth to Aengus Og, the Irish love god, who was thus said to have been conceived and born on the same day. In another legend, Boann ignored a prohibition surrounding Connla's well on Nechtan's Hill in Co. Kildare. Only Nechtan and his cupbearers were allowed to go near the well. When Boann attempted to circle the well, the waters rose up and pursued her until she was drowned in their waters. The river that was thus formed came to be called the Boyne after the goddess. The Trinity (Love Knot): One of the basic Celtic designs. The circles represent the three domains of ancient Celtic belief: the underworld for the past, the earth world for the present, and the sky world for the divine. Made in Dublin, Ireland by Rovada.

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