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Fintan 'The Salmon of Knowledge' Watch

No longer available

Fintan Irish Salmon of Knowledge Watch. Ladies silver-plated case, embossed spiral dial 1 inch diam. (24mm) stainless steel back, Japanese quartz movement. Black lizard leather band. Please allow up to 5 days for watch to dispatch even with our express shipping service. From the tales of Finn McCool: Before Finn could take the place of his father as King of Ireland, he knew he still had to learn the ancient poetry and tales. So he sought out Finegas the Druid who lived on the banks of the river Boyne. Finegas had lived beside the river angling in vain for Fintan, the Salmon of Knowledge. Fintan lived in a dark pool of the river over which a great hazel tree bent its branches and dropped nuts of knowledge into the water. Fintan ate the nuts, and their power and knowledge passed to Fintan. In turn, whoever would eat Fintan would possess his knowledge and power. Finegas the Druid spent seven fruitless years fishing until Finn came to study with him. Then, as if the salmon had only been waiting for Finn's arrival, the old Druid caught the salmon. Finegas gave the salmon to Finn to cook admonishing Finn not to eat of the salmon. But as Finn was turning the salmon over the fire, his thumb was scorched on the hot fish, and he put his thumb into his mouth to relieve the pain. And so the knowledge of Fintan passed to Finn.