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Irish Art | Fishermans Cottage Painting by Doreen Drennan

Starting at $1,200 An original Irish painting by Doreen Drennan. The Fisherman's cottage. Oil on canvas. Few images conjure up a sense of the Irish countryside as quickly as the traditional Irish cottage. A thatched cottage on the seafront in the West of Ireland used to be the perfect location for the fisherman. Here the fishermen are seen carrying their currach on their heads as was the mode of transport. The clamp of turf at the side of the house was open to the elements and the little add-on to the side of the cottage usually housed a cow. This picture will immediately transport you back to our beautiful island and the iconic landscape of the Emerald Isle. It is one you will hang in your home or office and always feel Ireland is there with you. A truly remarkable Irish gift for a new home, wedding or retirement.
Artwork measures 20 inches x 16 inches unframed or 32 x 26 inches framed. Signed by the artist and shipped directly from her studio in Ireland.

SKU: IADD10104

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