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Irish Peat Turf Fire DVD

No longer available Please Note: Turf products are shipped seperately from other items in our store. SHIPPING FOR THIS ITEM IS INCLUDED IN THE PRICE SHOWN ABOVE. Shipping costs for other items are added seperately at the checkout. There are few things that evoke Ireland and Irishness as readily as a real peat-turf fire. It conjures up images of working the bog,cutting,footing and saving the peat, before bringing it home, putting it on an open fire and enjoying the great heat, the wonderful warmth and the unique atmosphere that only a real peat fire can create. In the West of Ireland, many houses have open fires. At wintertime when you visit someone, you go through the bleak and cold landscape until you finally come into the hearth, where the warmth and magic of the fire is waiting. A peat/turf fire is an ancient presence. The turf comes out of the earth and carries the memory of trees and fields and long-gone times. It evokes the image of the hearth as a place of home, a place of welcome, a place of warmth and return. For many, these images are in the past, but now, with this unique and original DVD, you, your family and friends can experience the wonderful atmosphere and subtle comforting sounds that a real peat fire creates, whether at home or at any social occasion or gathering. Using only hand cut peat, harvested at the peat bog in Sean Amhac (Shan ah-wok), Carraroe, County Galway and filmed at the 15th Century, Cloonnacauneen Castle on the outskirts of Galway City in the west of Ireland, this DVD includes one full fire and two ambient fires. The ambient fires are carefully chosen sections of the full fire, selected to create different atmospheres to suit your mood or the occasion. All fires are continuous and will play for as long as you require. Enjoy this unique Irish experience.