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Ladies Claddagh Watch - Gold Plated 'Ana'


"Our best-selling ladies Claddagh watch comes with a beautiful embroidered green strap with claddagh design. This is also embossed on a white dial with the meaning of the Claddagh symbol - Love, Loyalty and Friendship enclosed in gold plated case. Dustproof construction, diam. 1"" (25mm), Japanese quartz movement, 3 year battery, stainless steel back. Each watch is individually made in Dublin, Ireland. Please allow approx. 5 working days to dispatch.

Ana: Anu, Dana, Danu
Ireland - mother earth; Goddess of plenty; greatest of all goddesses. Her priestesses comforted and taught the dying, fires were lit for her at Midsummer. Two hills in Kerry are called the Paps of Anu. Triple goddess of fertility, prosperity and comfort; Guardian of cattle and health. Ana was the mother goddess of the Tuatha Dé Danann who invaded and ruled Ireland, ousting the Fir Bolgs.