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Ladies Claddagh Watch - Gold Plated 'Meave'

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"This stunning ladies Claddagh watch comes with a beautiful embroidered green strap with Claddagh design. This is also embossed on a champagne colored dial with the meaning of the Claddagh symbol - Love, Loyalty and Friendship enclosed in gold plated case. Dustproof construction, diam. 1" (25mm), Japanese quartz movement, 3 year battery, stainless steel back. Each watch is individually made in Dublin, Ireland. Please allow approx. 5 working days to disptach.


Her name means ""she who intoxicates"". A goddess of war. The sight of Maeve blinds enemies, and she runs faster than the fastest horse. Goddess of Connacht and Leinster. As the queen of Connacht, her husband was Ailill, and the two had their royal seat at Ruath Cruachan in Co. Roscommon, near the famous Cave of Cruachu which was believed to be an entrance to the otherworld. She was also known as Medb Lethderg, queen of Leinster, in which case she embodied the sovereignty of Leinster in the same manner as her counterpart in Connacht.

Medb of Connacht figures more prominently in Irish literature, being one of the protagonists in the The Cattle Raid of Cooley. In this tale she led an army against Ulster to capture the famed Brown Bull of Cuailgne. Medb's appearance in battle was said to have caused the Ulstermen to lose two thirds of their valor, a power which indicates that Medb functioned as an Irish war goddess. In this case however, the troubles of the Ulstermen had their origin in the curse laid upon them by Macha, which caused their warriors to experience the pains childbirth at the hour of their greatest peril. Only Cuchulainn was immune from this curse, and he single-handedly delayed the army of Connacht until the Ulstermen regained their strength. The Ulstermen then were able to repulse the army of Connacht. However, the invaders had already obtained the Brown Bull, and took it back with them to Connacht.

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