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Luga - Gold Plated Full Hunter Pocket Watch on a chain

No longer available Gold-plated hunter pocket watch, diameter 2 inches, French quartz calendar movement, gold-plated albert pocket chain. Etched celtic knotwork on the cover along with the Claddagh design in relief. White dial with roman index. Three-year battery. Free express shipping on this item- have it in 2 business days! Luga (Lug, Lugh, Lámfada) The Irish name for the Celtic sun god. Also known as Lleu in Wales and Lugos in France. He was part Fomorii, since his grandfather was the Irish one-eyed god Balor, the Formorii champion. The Formorii were sea gods who challenged the Tuatha De Danann for control of Ireland. Because of a prophesy that Balor would be killed by his own grandson, he locked his daughter Eithne in a crystal tower on Tory Island. But Cian, son of the Tuatha De Danann healing god, Dian Cecht, managed to seduce the girl with the help of the druidess, Birog. Triplets were conceived but Luga's two siblings were turned into seals. Luga became a great warrior and eventually took over the leadership of the DeDanann from Nuada. At the second great battle between the Formorii and the De Danann, Luga fulfilled the phophesy by killing Balor with a sling shot. Before delivering this blow, Luga circled the ememy army on one foot and with one eye closed (Balor had one eye) then produced the battle frenzy as Cuchulainn, by withdrawing one eye into his head and expanding the other into a hideous, paralysing stare. Balor's own single eyelid had to be raised by four servants, and Luga send his shot smashing into the eye as soon as it was opened. Balor's eye was forced back through his head and his ferocious gaze fell on his own troops. Balor died and the Formorii scattered.