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'Olwen' Book of Kells Watch

No longer available

Olwen Book of Kells Irish Watch. Gold-plated case, Ladies Diam: 1.1 inch(27mm) Japanese quartz movement, dustproof construction, stainless steel back, 3 year battery, dark green braided leather band. Please allow up to 5 days for watch to dispatch even with our express shipping service.Zoomorphic bird based on the Irish 2p coin. Daughter of the giant Yspaddaden, Olwen was loved by Culhwch, one of King Arthur's warriors. However the giant was upset by this match and set his daughter's lover a series of tasks to prevent the marriage. Culhwch had to uproot a forest, burn the wood for fertilizer and plough the cleared land in a day; force the god of agriculture, Amaethhon, to nourish its crops; make the smith god, Govannon, forge tools for the work; obtain magic seed; provide honey nine times sweeter than that of a virgin swarm; borrow the magic harp that played itself from Teirtu; capture the birds of Rhiannon, whose song could wake the dead and lull the living to sleep; obtain a boar's tusk for the giant to shave and shaving cream made from witch's blood. He did all these things, and more, to win Olwen.

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