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Celtic Necklace - Sacred Numbers Necklace

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This Celtic Necklace is rich in mythology. The Celts connected with Earth Mother through her landscape. Rocky places were sacred and powers were believed gleaned from gemstones. The Celts found significance in certain numbers and believed in the interlacing of ones self or soul with the elements of this world, and the underworld.
These ancient beliefs are represented in our Sacred Numbers Bracelet incorporating Celtic knot beads and gemstones of Garnet, Lapis, Malachite, Amethyst, and Connemara Marble, and finished with a toggle clasp with Celtic knotwork and an open Celtic knot drop. Each necklace comes handsomely boxed with a story card describing: The Mythology of the Celts - The meaning behind each of the Sacred Numbers, The power the Ancients attached to each gemstones and The meaning of the Celtic knot.

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