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Shield - Coat of Arms Ring

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Hand Engraved by a Master Engraver

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High Quality Unique Coat of Arms Ring

Every Family name has a unique Coat of Arms.

According to historical records, Heraldry (Coats of Arms) in it's present form originated on the battlefields as a means of identification during the middle of the 12th Century.

Prior to this period decorative banners were often used to identify armies in battle.

Since the 12th Century certain principles on how a Coat of Arms could be constructed were formalized and made official.

This type of ring would often be passed down through the generations and now IRISHOP offers you and your family a unique opportunity to continue this tradition.

Each ring is individually crafted by a Goldsmith and Master Engraver and finished to very high standard.

We also fully guarantee the authenticity and accuracy of the coat of arms supplied for each family name.

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Completed and delivered in two weeks from date of order.

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