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'Uath' Book of Kells Watch

No longer available

Uath Book of Kells Irish Watch. Please allow up to 5 days for watch to dispatch even with our express shipping service.The water giant who challenged the three heroes Cuchulainn, Laoghaire and Conall to a beheading contest. Each was invited to take an axe and chop off the giant's head, provided that he would then lay his head on the block for the giant to decapitate. Only Cuchulainn rose to the challenge and was proclaimed by the giant as the Irish Champion. Later, Uath revealed himself to be the King of Munster, Cu Roi. Book of Kells: Illuminated gospel book in Latin (preserved in the Trinity College Library, Dublin) that is a masterpiece of the ornate Hiberno-Saxon manuscript art. It was begun in the late 8th century at the Irish monastery on the Scottish island of Iona, and after a Viking raid the book was taken to the monastery of Kells in County Meath, where it was completed in the early 9th century. Gold-plated case, Diam: 1.25 inch.(33mm) Japanese quartz movement, dustproof construction stainless steel back, 3 year battery, leather and embroidered fabric band. Made in Dublin, Ireland by Rovada.

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