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Ireland’s Royal Heritage

Castles are certainly not unique to Ireland, but our variety and volume of castles is one of the things visitors love about this little island. Postcards and many different Irish gifts show off our most famous castles. From regal ruins spotted along the roadside to internationally loved icons such as Blarney Castle, Ireland has serious bragging rights when it comes to the former homes of our ancient Celtic kings and queens. Here are some of the best and most beloved castles in Ireland to be enjoyed in person and as images on Irish gifts.... Read more »

Irish Luck Contest - Win a Sterling Silver & Rose Gold Trinity Knot Crystal Pendant

October’s Irish Luck Contest price is this beautiful Sterling Silver & Rose Gold Trinity Knot Crystal Irish Necklace by ShanOre Jewelry. This item usually retails at $75 See More... Read more »

Why We Love Irish Woolly Jumpers So Much

What is it about sheep and Ireland? We have a huge variety of other animals here, from beautiful wild creatures such as foxes and deer to other barnyard buddies such as cows and pigs. Once upon a time, Irish coins featured a variety of animals including a sow with piglets, different birds, a hare, an Irish wolfhound, a bull, a horse and even a salmon. All of these creatures are as representative of Irish mythology and life as sheep, some clearly more so. The Salmon of Wisdom. The Cattle Raid of Cooley, aka Tain Bo Cualnge. Yet when you look at Irish gifts, you see far more sheep than salmon... Read more »

An Irish Rose by Any Other Name?

There are Irish names, and then there are Irish names. In Ireland, it is not unusual for someone to use both the Irish and Anglo version of their first or last name. While the Irish know and understand this, it can get tricky with paperwork, passports and the like. This fluidity with names really is one of our cultural Irish gifts, but it can also get tricky for those of Irish descent around the world. For example, many Irish Americans and Irish Canadians consider Patrick as Irish as a name could be. And yes, it is a popular Irish name... Read more »

A Celtic Tree For All Seasons

Trees mark the seasons of the year and symbolize the seasons of our lives. Fresh buds open into full green leaves before turning to a richer, deeper color and eventually withering, falling to the ground and enriching the next generation. Trees measure time. If a tree is cut down, the stump will have rings. Each ring marks a year in the tree’s growth and the distance between the rings indicates how much the tree grew that year. Planting a tree is a beautiful way to celebrate the arrival of a new life and to commemorate the end of a life. And making an occasion of births and deaths is one of our many cultural Irish gifts... Read more »

When Is the Best Time for an Irish Wedding?

There’s never a bad time to get married and weave an Irish theme into the celebrations, and you can find beautiful Irish gifts for weddings for any time of year, but there are old beliefs that the month of your marriage influences your future. Spring and early summer are hugely popular times of the year for weddings, but autumn has a lot going for it. Aside from the hope of more options for the venue for your reception, you have a dash of Irish tradition on your side. Unless you are considering October, that is. October has mixed reviews. An old Irish verse covers all the months of the year... Read more »

Finding The Perfect Irish Beach

For an island, Ireland keeps pretty quiet about the wonderful beaches here. True, they are not really great places to lounge in the sun sipping fruity cocktails, aside from a few days a year if we are lucky. (And good luck is one our Irish gifts!) But a coastline does surround the island, framing the famous forty shades of green, and it features some truly magnificent beaches... Read more »

Celebrating the Summer Solstice in Ireland

One of our most widely loved Irish gifts is our way of turning events into celebrations. In Ireland, even a death merits a celebration of the deceased’s life. So, in a country famous for rain, the longest day of summer is of course an event that merits some celebration. We’ve been rejoicing about the day the sun makes its longest visit here since our earliest, most ancient history – and the evidence is still here... Read more »

Welcoming the Wee People to Your Garden

Hospitality is one of the great Irish gifts. We know how to entertain, and we know that wee people, leprechauns and children alike, can be quite temperamental if they are not properly entertained when visiting your home. Now, ideally, both are best kept amused in your yard if the weather permits because they are notorious for their power to inflict enormous damage when confined to indoor spaces. That makes summer an ideal time to make sure your yard is welcoming to both leprechauns and children... Read more »

Is Your Four-Legged Best Friend Irish?

Ireland has been described as a dog-shaped island. If it isn’t clear why, try looking at a map turned so the west coast is at the bottom. Dogs feature in lots of stunning knot work designs. And historically, we’ve been an underdog. We’re a loyal, fun-loving, live-in-the-moment kind of people, with a charm that makes it hard to stay mad at us. Is it a stretch to make a canine connection? Not if you are a dog lover who also loves Ireland. If that describes you, you might want to know more about the canine Irish gifts loved around the world now. Giving animals as presents is rarely a good idea, but if you are looking for a dog, you might want to consider these Irish dog breeds... Read more »

The Sweet Sounds of an Irish Wedding

A traditional Irish wedding sounds beautiful. Literally. While a modern Irish wedding reception might be exuberant with dance music blasting or a boisterous live session, the sounds from the church during the actual ceremony are more soft and delicate. It is a joyful celebration, of course, but a traditional Irish wedding does have its own gentle grace – and you can hear the difference... Read more »

One of the Best Irish Gifts for Couples

When two people join their lives in marriage or committed partnership, they are rarely the only ones involved. A wedding, anniversary or other celebration of a relationship is also usually the joyful joining of two families. The two people at the heart of the celebration each have their own personal history and identity, and it is the joining of these two paths that we honor. This is why double coats of arms are such popular and well received Irish gifts for weddings. They are a beautiful symbol of both partners’ history and heritage coming together.... Read more »

Which Irish Goddess Is Your Mom Most Like?

Of course your mother is an Irish goddess. That goes without saying. The real question is which one? In pre-Christian Ireland, goddesses were powerful and fierce, kind of like your mom if you used That Tone speaking to her. Your mom, like any Celtic goddess, is best treated with a fair bit of respect, which isn’t to say she lacks a sense of humor. Being quick to find the humor in any situation and laugh is the most universal of Irish gifts. Your mom might be amused to know which of these Irish goddesses you think she is most like....Read more »