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Claddagh Ring - Ladies Sterling Silver Traditional Claddagh


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Ladies Claddagh Watch - Gold Plated 'Ana'



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Local Color – Irish County Flags

In Ireland, you will see all sorts of local color throughout the country, and you’ll also see a huge amount of local pride. People identify strongly with the county where they were born and raised, regardless of where they live now. Someone born in County Mayo, for example, will identify as a Mayo man or woman whether they live in Dublin or Boston. In cities and villages, the Gaelic Athletic Association is the backbone of the community, providing healthy exercise and entertainment for all ages with Gaelic football (similar to soccer), hurling and camogie training and matches at all levels from preschool aged children at the community level and adults at the county level. GAA flags and shirts are popular Irish gifts... Read more »

The Meaning and History of Irish Jewelry

Pretty much everyone enjoys wearing something green on St. Patrick’s Day to celebrate Ireland, whether they are Irish or Irish for the day. But you can rock an Irish look beyond just one day in March, in any climate or season, with Irish jewelry. You can find all sorts and styles of Irish necklaces, earrings and rings from pieces you can wear everyday to stunning Irish wedding jewelry. These are pieces that do more than look good. Most of the popular symbols you see in Celtic jewelry have a history and meaning can symbolize a real connection to Ireland’s heritage... Read more »

The Irish American March that Went Around the World

In Ireland, until recent decades St. Patrick’s Day was a somber occasion. In the first half of the last century, it was a day in the middle of Lent when people went to an extra mass. No parades, no breaking the Lenten fast, no green beer. The joyful celebration enjoyed around the world is really one of the bigger Irish gifts the Irish American community has sent back to the auld country, and indeed everywhere the Irish have settled... Read more »

Did You Know St. Valentine Is a Dubliner?

The Irish never get the credit we are due as a nation of romantics. The French and Italians seem to have a corner on the market for European romance, and frankly it just is not fair. Romance is indeed one of our many cultural Irish gifts, and we are not just referring to ‘Kiss Me I’m Irish’ buttons. After all, even the scenery in Ireland is romantic with cobbled streets, ancient ruins and dramatic coastal cliffs. In fact, Ireland is so romantic that St. Valentine himself is a Dubliner... Read more »

What Do You Really Know about St. Brigid, Mary of the Gael

St. Brigid’s feast day is on February 1st, which is the anniversary of her death, and she is a fascinating figure. Many know is she is, along with Patrick, a patron saint of Ireland held in such high esteem that she is frequently referred to as “Mary of the Gael”. She is also the patron saint of “fallen women”, single mothers and their children. Her distinctive cross woven of reeds is well known and a popular theme in a range of Irish gifts. But there is far more to her life. ... Read more »

All About Aran Knits

Aran knitting is probably the craft most associated with Ireland, and Aran sweaters, both cardigans and jumpers, are popular and practical Irish gifts. These thick, sturdy sweaters are traditionally knit from undyed, natural wool with a variety of elaborate cable stitches. Originally, the wool used retained its natural lanolin, which increased its water resistance, but now the lanolin is usually removed from the wool as they are more loved for their appearance than function. They are cozy and warm, and make great winter wear, but nowadays people spending the day out in the elements have more specialized gear.... Read more »

In Ireland, Christmas Isn’t Over until January

If you haven’t taken down your Christmas tree and decorations yet, don’t worry. You’re just keeping with Irish tradition. While Christmas day has come and gone, Christmas season isn’t over yet. In Ireland, we are still looking forward to Little Christmas, also known as Nollaig Mna. It’s the Irish take on the Feast of the Epiphany, which is on January 6th. In parts of the United States, Latin America, France and Spain, it is known as Three Kings Day. It is the 12th and last day of Christmas, and it is a great day for giving some small Irish gifts to the ladies in your life... Read more »

Try a Taste of Heritage at Christmas with These Irish Gifts

Grocery stores and shopping carts in Ireland are filling up with traditional Irish Christmas treats. While chocolate Santas and reindeer are familiar to people around the western world, Ireland enjoys a few seasonal treats that even those of Irish heritage might not have tried. If you were in Ireland for Christmas, you might be enjoying a few new tastes along with the more international holiday standbys such as turkey, dressing and apple tart – also known as turkey, stuffing and apple pie.... Read more »

Teach Children about Their Heritage with Fun Irish Gifts for Christmas

If your family is Irish gifts that reflect your heritage tend to stand out among the other Christmas presents under the tree, even for the wee ones. Yes, they no doubt want this year’s hottest toys. They will be excited about those on Christmas morning, but will they still be enjoying them next Christmas? Parents (and Santa) can include some things in the little one’s holiday loot that will add to the festive joy while also creating enduring memories with a bit more depth and meaning while making their Irish heritage part of their everyday life.... Read more »

Irish Gifts To Keep You Warm

Tourists love Ireland, but they do not come here for the weather. They come to Ireland despite the wet, cold climate! As winter swoops in with howling winds and dropping temperatures, it is time to trust some Irish wisdom on staying warm, dry and cozy until spring arrives. You wouldn’t turn to Ireland for expertise on bikini design or sandal styles, but when it comes to warm and waterproof, we have centuries of hard-earned knowledge on battling the elements. If you are looking for Irish gifts to keep a loved one snug and dry in the worst weather, you’re in luck.... Read more »

Happy Celtic New Year

Samhain was the ancient Celtic New Year’s Eve that evolved into today’s Halloween celebrations so of course, the first day of the Celtic year is November 1st. Pity our poor ancestors who were isolated from other cultures and only got to celebrate one New Year a year, whereas today we live in a more connected and diverse world where we can enjoy different cultures’ New Year celebrations throughout the year. So how does one properly celebrate Celtic New Year the Irish way?...Read more »