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Traditional Irish Breakfast
Traditional Irish Breakfast


Irish Hat - Wool Aran Ladies Irish Hat with Peak - Charcoal
Irish Hat - Wool Aran Ladies Irish Hat with Peak - Charcoal

$49.95   $44.95

Irish Wool Handwarmers Aran - Charcoal
Irish Wool Handwarmers Aran - Charcoal

$39.95   $35.95

Irish Wool Sweater - Ladies Merino Wool Poncho
Irish Wool Sweater - Ladies Merino Wool Poncho

$84.95   $76.45

Ladies Merino Wool Wrap with Pockets
Ladies Merino Wool Wrap with Pockets

$89.95   $80.95

Personalized Irish Coat of Arms 5-Piece Wine Tools Box Set - Rosewood Finish


Personalized Irish Coat of Arms 100 Piece Poker Set - Rosewood Finish
Personalized Irish Coat of Arms 100 Piece Poker Set - Rosewood Finish


Irish Wool Sweater - Ladies Tree of Life Merino Wool Cardigan
Irish Wool Sweater - Ladies Tree of Life Merino Wool Cardigan

$119.95   $107.95


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Celtic Bracelet - Celtic Triskele Leather Bracelet


Personalized Coat of Arms 3' x 5' Ireland Flag


Personalized Irish Coat of Arms Pint Glasses - Set of 4


Personalized Irish Coat of Arms Tumbler Glasses - Set of 4


Personalized Irish Coat of Arms Tavern Glasses - Set of 4


Personalized Coat of Arms Watch


Personalized Irish Wedding Blessing Framed Print


Irish Necklace - Sterling Silver Mo Anam Cara "My Soul Mate" Heart Pendant with Chain



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Your one-stop online store for all things Irish. Based in Dublin, Ireland, IrishShop is best known for dazzling collections of fine Celtic and Irish jewelry in gold and sterling silver. We're also the place to buy Irish gifts of every kind. Select the perfect jewelry gift, Irish t-shirt or hoodie sweatshirt for a special friend. An Irish family crest to proclaim your own heritage. Authentic Irish pub decor and glasses for a perfect St. Patrick's Day party or finely crafted gifts from Belleek vases to Galway Crystal for a distinctly Irish Christmas birthday or other Irish gift occasion. If it's Irish jewelry you seek, our online jewelry store offers endless possibilities. Beautifully crafted Claddagh rings and necklaces, Irish wedding rings and bands, Celtic crosses, pendants, shamrock earrings, trinity knot rings and more. If Irish clothing is on your list, select from our hundreds of Irish t-shirts tweed caps and hats emblazoned with your favorite Irish phrases like Sláinte, or personalized clothing displaying your family crest or Irish coat of arms Choose a luxurious Aran wool cardigan sweater or one of our authentic Guinness shirts . At we've been in business for over 15 years providing reliable, secure online shopping to customers in Ireland, in the USA and all around the world. With a catalog more than 2,000 Irish jewelry and gift ideas, you're sure to find what you need. Happy online shopping! Blog

Happy Celtic New Year

Samhain was the ancient Celtic New Year’s Eve that evolved into today’s Halloween celebrations so of course, the first day of the Celtic year is November 1st. Pity our poor ancestors who were isolated from other cultures and only got to celebrate one New Year a year, whereas today we live in a more connected and diverse world where we can enjoy different cultures’ New Year celebrations throughout the year. So how does one properly celebrate Celtic New Year the Irish way?...Read more »

From Searching Spirits to Sugar-Fueled Superheroes

The invasion of little princesses, superheroes and assorted creatures and ghouls in search of sugary treats might not invoke images of pre-Christian Ireland, but that is exactly where today’s Halloween traditions originated. While in many parts of the world, Halloween is seen as an American holiday, in truth it came to North America with immigrants from Ireland and became one of the least acknowledged Irish gifts ever... Read more »

Have You Any Wool?

Before the Euro came in, Irish coins featured a range of animals. Older Irish coins featured the bull, the pig and the horse. Bus Eireann, the national bus service, uses an Irish setter in its logo. The post office, An Post, has featured a range of Irish birds. One Irish animal is beloved by visitors and a treasured feature of the rolling green fields, but is generally overlooked by officialdom as a national symbol. What would the Irish landscape be without sheep? What would we do without wool?... Read more »

The Riches of Irish Bogs

In the autumn and winter, one smell tells Irish people returning from abroad that they are home. It isn’t tea steeping or soda bread baking. It isn’t even the smell of a hot whiskey. A turf fire burning in the grate is what smells like home to anyone who has spent a few winters in Ireland. It’s the smell of the Irish gift of hospitality that speaks of cozy cottages, damp fields, laughter around a packed table.... Read more »

Not All Irish Gifts Are Green

Ireland is the land that boasts 40 shades of green, but we don’t want to wear all 40 shades at once. It’s the emerald isle, but we do have other jewels linked to this land. A bit of variety is always good. Pearl jewelry also makes lovely Irish gifts, and Ireland has in the past produced its own freshwater pearls – although not in large numbers.... Read more »

Irish Tips for a Perfect Cup of Tea

In the evenings, there is just the hint of a chill in the air. The sun is setting just a tiny bit sooner every evening. And parents are feeling a bit of an inner glow when they see all the back to school sales everywhere. It is far too soon to start bundling up, but not to start cozying up. Autumn is a season when a nice cup of Irish tea tastes especially good. Hospitality is one of the best known Irish gifts, and it often includes a cup of tea whether you want one or not... Read more »

From Standing Stones to Pendants and Wall Hangings: Ireland’s Ancient Ogham Script

Ireland’s most famous writing is probably the stunningly detailed illuminated script of the Book of Kells, but long before the monks set about creating it, Ireland had an entirely different form of writing – ogham script. Ogham is the oldest form of writing used in Ireland; it dates back to the fifth century AD. While it is now seen on all sorts of Irish gifts, it was originally carved on stone... Read more »

New Irish & Celtic Gifts - Over 50 items added has added even more great Irish gifts in July. Over 50 products including great new Irish Jewelry, Ladies Watches, Wall Decor, Celtic Wedding Rings, Coat of Arms and Family Name histories are now available. See our video for a flavor of what is available... Read more »

The Swirling Spiral Symbolism of Celtic Culture

When you are shopping for Irish gifts, especially Irish jewelry, you can’t help but notice the enchanting swirling designs on Celtic pieces. You might wonder what these beautiful spiral designs are all about and when in Ireland’s history they were developed. The swirling spirals have a timeless, infinite look about them, which is fitting because they have been an important symbol since before Christianity arrived on these shores. They are older than Stonehenge, and older than even the pyramids of Egypt... Read more »

Three Chances to Celebrate Irish Heritage at Your Wedding

Getting married and starting a family involves weaving together two families’ traditions and cultures (as well as inventing some new ones). If you want to involve Irish culture and heritage in your married life right from the start, you have three great opportunities to do so with your wedding: before, during and after... Read more »