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Fairy Forts – One of Ireland’s Magical Treasures

Ireland is full of well-known destinations and heritage sites. In fact, this island is so full of heritage that a lot of it is tucked away and forgotten by all but those local to the area. One of the great Irish gifts and joys of traveling around the countryside is spotting a neglected, ruined abbey or a holy well or other site. The most magical find is, of course, a fairy ring. Leprechauns are the small, magical creatures most associated with Ireland, and they feature on countless Irish gifts, but they certainly aren’t the only wee, supernatural types living on the emerald isle... Read more »

How to Find the Perfect Irish Gifts for Your Irish Mother

What makes an Irish mother special? Well, all mothers are special, but Irish mothers tend to share some traits that make being raised by one a different experience. Parenting in Ireland has changed enormously in the last couple of generations, and today’s Irish mother is unlikely to wield a wooden spoon or hair brush. But she is every bit as concerned about what her children are up to, and yes, she knows far more about their shenanigans than can be explained by science... Read more »

Great Irish Gifts for Weddings and House Warmings

Spring is all about new beginnings, and someone you know is starting a new chapter in their life you might be searching for just the right present. Whether it is a wedding or a house warming or other life occasion such as a retirement, a gift that helps them enjoy their outdoor space while also celebrating their love for Ireland is perfect. Do your friends like to let everyone know how much they love their Irish heritage...Read more »