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Your one-stop online store for all things Irish. Based in Dublin, Ireland, IrishShop is best known for dazzling collections of fine Celtic and Irish jewelry in gold and sterling silver. We're also the place to buy Irish gifts of every kind. Select the perfect jewelry gift, Irish t-shirt or hoodie sweatshirt for a special friend. An Irish family crest to proclaim your own heritage. Authentic Irish pub decor and glasses for a perfect St. Patrick's Day party or finely crafted gifts from Belleek vases to Galway Crystal for a distinctly Irish Christmas birthday or other Irish gift occasion. If it's Irish jewelry you seek, our online jewelry store offers endless possibilities. Beautifully crafted Claddagh rings and necklaces, Irish wedding rings and bands, Celtic crosses, pendants, shamrock earrings, trinity knot rings and more. If Irish clothing is on your list, select from our hundreds of Irish t-shirts tweed caps and hats emblazoned with your favorite Irish phrases like Sláinte, or personalized clothing displaying your family crest or Irish coat of arms Choose a luxurious Aran wool cardigan sweater or one of our authentic Guinness shirts. At we've been in business for over 15 years providing reliable, secure online shopping to customers in Ireland, in the USA and all around the world. With a catalog more than 2,000 Irish jewelry and gift ideas, you're sure to find what you need. Happy online shopping! Blog

Full Circle to Halloween’s Irish Origins

Did you know that Halloween is as Irish as St. Patrick's Day? And it is much, much older. The ancient Celts had a different calendar, along with a whole different belief system. For them, this date marked the end of the year. It was called Samhain. They believed it was a very different - and dangerous - day because spirits could travel from their world to ours. And not all those spirits were nice. Our ancestors carved scary faces into turnips to discourage the scary spirits from visiting their homes. They......Read more >>

10 Reasons We Love Irish Knits

The season for wearing cozy Irish knits is upon us! Aran knit sweaters and accessories have been popular Irish gifts and souvenirs for generations. From classic to contemporary, there are Irish knits for everyone of every age. Why do we love them so? Let us count the reasons! They are cozy warm on a cold day. It's like wearing a blanket, but it looks a billion times better. Those complex Aran patterns also make for great insulation. Merino wool is the ultimate protection for the elements on a damp, blustery day.......Read more >>

Celebrate Autumn with Tree-themed Irish Gifts

Outside, the leaves are brilliant colors. Mother Nature is treating us to a show of her dazzling finery. Drops of rain shine like diamonds on glorious golden leaves in hedgerows across Ireland. Does it make you want to celebrate autumn with your own show of beauty? Or perhaps it inspires you to look for Irish gifts that reflect the beauty of autumn trees? If you have Irish roots, why not embrace them with jewelry, clothing or home decor featuring Celtic tree designs? The Tree of Life is an iconic Celtic design......Read more >>

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