Aran Knitwear

Aran Knitwear, the Root of Irish Folksy Fashion

It isn’t exactly Aran knitwear weather yet, but Taylor Swift is making it hard to wait!
She shines a light on Aran knitting with her song Cardigan and related merchandise and her photoshoot wearing a gorgeous Aran sweater. And it is inspiring a wave of love for this classic Irish style. While the iconic cream color pullover is a wardrobe essential, it isn’t the only way to rock any Aran knitwear. You can enjoy the design with a whole range of less wintery Irish gifts as well as some warm accessories to embrace when the temperature dips.
The essence of Aran knitwear and knitting is blending different stitches to create complex patterns. Not only does this look stunning, but it also creates a thick texture that helps keep you warm and dry in the sort of cool, damp weather Ireland is famous for having. Diamond and honeycomb patterns are typically bordered by cables. Some patterns such as the tree of life take their inspiration from nature and the ancient Celtic love of trees and other plants. Some are inspired by the sea and boats, which makes sense as the style has roots in the Aran Islands off the Atlantic coast of Ireland. Originally these sweaters were made for fishermen to wear at sea, but the look quickly spread inland and then across the ocean and around the world to become treasured Irish gifts. It’s timeless. A big part of the appeal is that Aran knitting harkens back to a more simple time when we were closer to nature.

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Aran Knitwear – How to Wear It When It’s Warm

Yes, these sweaters are designed to trap heat close to your body and protect you from the powerful wind off the Atlantic Ocean. But what if you live in Nevada? No fear. This knitting style is now used to create a whole range of clothing, accessories and Irish gifts to be enjoyed in all weather.
Stoles and shawls are lighter than sweaters, but they are big enough to really show off the delicious detail of Aran knitting patterns. On autumn evenings when the sun and the temperature drop, Aran shawls and stoles are the perfect thing to throw over whatever you’re wearing.
Aran knitwear sleeveless vests are a versatile and classic addition to any man’s wardrobe. They bring a dash of style and warmth when worn over a plain T-shirt or button-down shirt. When it’s too warm for a sweater but too cool for just a shirt, a sleeveless Aran vest is the answer.
This classic Celtic design isn’t just for clothing. If you love the folksy beauty of Aran knitting but live somewhere too warm for knits, don’t despair. There is plenty more for you! You can find teapots and even a whole bathroom set of soap dish, toothbrush holder, lotion dispenser and tumbler that feature the cozy charm of the Aran motif.
These all make delightful Irish gifts for anyone who loves the down-to-earth warmth of Aran knitting.