Back to School Irish Gifts

Back to school shopping is in full swing, and supplies of backpacks, pencil cases and various school supplies are dwindling as scholars of all ages head back to school.  After all the essentials are taken care of, tweens, teens and college students particularly appreciate something fun and inspiring to help them get in the mood to hit the books.  Carefully selected Irish gifts can help them change gears from carefree summer to ambitious autumn.

Trinity College Dublin is more than one of the world’s leading universities.  It’s a beacon of Irish culture and heritage reminding us of how this came to known as the isle of saints and scholars.  When there’s a chill in the air, a cozy and stylish Trinity sweatshirt is the perfect way to keep body and brain warm while studying.  Why just tell them to put on a sweater when you can give them one that reinforces the message that study is valued?  Maybe the idea of actually studying at the prestigious Trinity College in downtown Dublin will help keep students motivated.

But Trinity is more than a school.  It’s the home of the Book of Kells, which is now housed in an intriguing exhibit giving visitors more information and insight into this amazing volume.  The Book of Kells is the four gospels decorated with intricate artwork and stylized lettering.  More than 1,000 years old, it is the creation of early Christian monks in Ireland.  The beautiful illuminated lettering in the Book of Kells has inspired the designs for countless Irish gifts.

Located at College Green not far from bustling Grafton Street, Trinity College Dublin is a must-see for visitors to Ireland.  Not only is it home to the Book of Kells, Trinity also offers the Science Gallery Dublin, a free museum devoted to educating people about science, and the Zoology Museum, which is now open to the public.  Visitors to Trinity can even take a guided tour of the campus led by students to learn more about the college’s history.

Trinity College Dublin offers a wide range of liberal arts, engineering and science programs including medical and dental schools.  It isn’t easy to get into Trinity.  Alumni include Jonathan Swift, Oscar Wilde, Samuel Beckett, Nobel Peace Prize winner Mairead Maguire, philosopher Edmund Burke, and two former presidents – Mary Robinson and Mary McAleese.  Of course, you don’t have to be resident in Ireland or be an Irish citizen to study at Trinity.  Students from more than 120 different countries attend TCD for undergraduate and postgraduate studies.  Entry is extremely competitive, which is no surprise. Graduating from Trinity College Dublin is a significant achievement that isn’t for everyone, but anyone who can get to Dublin can go to Trinity – at least for a few hours! 

And if you’re looking for Irish gifts for moms and dads who have done all the hard work of back to school shopping and are now busy making lunches and doing the school run, you can’t go wrong with a good book by their favorite Irish writer and a Trinity College Dublin sweatshirt