Newly Engaged Couple

Best Irish Gifts for Newly Engaged Couples

When a good friend announces an engagement, it is time to celebrate! And if it is a very good friend,
you might want to treat them to an engagement present to show that you’re delighted that they’ve
found their happily ever after partner for life.

Finding the right engagement present takes a bit of work because unlike weddings, there is no gift
registry. But we have a few ideas for great Irish engagement gifts.

Crystal Champagne Glasses

This is definitely an occasion that calls for a toast! Sparkling crystal glassware is something they can
enjoy throughout the run up to the big day and for decades to come. Ireland has a long history of
producing stellar crystal glasses with beautiful patterns. You can also make a note of which design
and style you get them and add to their collection on other gift-giving occasions. A pair of
champagne flutes for their engagement could be followed by a set of matching highball glasses or
wine goblets for their wedding.

Picture Frames

Couples have embraced the idea of engagement photos, and of course they’ll have wedding photos
soon too. Picture frames are something they definitely will use and appreciate right away. You can
opt for a personalized frame with their names or an Irish blessing. Or you can choose a dazzling
crystal frame or one from Belleek. With so many possibilities, you’ll have no problem finding one
they’ll treasure as much as the picture they put into it. Picture frames are beautiful and practical
Irish gifts for a newly engaged couple.

Cake Knife or Server

All this celebrating has to involve some cake, so why not give the couple a stunning cake knife or
cake server with a gorgeous Celtic pattern? They can enjoy it on special occasions including their
wedding anniversaries. Perhaps they’ll even decide to cut their wedding cake with it! Choose
between a Celtic knot pattern representing an eternal union or the Claddagh symbolizing love,
friendship and loyalty. Either one makes every occasion with a cake even more special.

Irish Marriage Blessing

These traditional Irish gifts are a way to remind the couple that you are wishing them a blessed
future together even before the big day. Their Irish marriage blessing can be on a personalized cross
plaque, a Belleek Parian China wall plate or even a cozy throw blanket. The words are the same.
Which of these Irish gifts would they love most?

Ring Holder

An engagement ring is precious, and she’ll want to be very careful with it. This isn’t a ring she’ll want
to risk leaving just anywhere around the house! A beautiful Irish ring holder will keep it safe while
she is showering or doing tasks that might damage it.
Irish engagement gifts tell the couple that you wish them a joyful future together. If they have Irish
roots, it is also a way to honor that. These engagement presents all embody a vision of them building
on their roots together to grow into a life of shared happiness.