How the Irish Cope with Winter

One thing the Irish know a lot about is staying comfortable in wet, cold weather. We have more time every year to master it than many other countries! Last summer, Ireland experienced a freakish drought, but the fact that a couple of weeks of sunny, dry weather caused such upset says a lot about normal Irish weather! As an island, we are battered with high winds and frequent rains. We also enjoy what we describe as fine, soft days where a light, misty rain gently soaks everything.

Coping with our climate is woven into life in Ireland, and the things we use to stay comfortable have become informal symbols of our culture and popular Irish gifts. From Boston to Vancouver, BC, these tactics can make winter a lot cozier and comfier.

A roaring turf fire in the hearth is a typically Irish sight and smell, but it isn’t easily exported. Thankfully, some of our other tactics for staying snug and warm through the winter months are easier to enjoy around the world.

4 Irish Gifts to Make Winter Wonderful

If you want to be cozy this winter or if you are looking for Irish gifts for your loved ones, here are our top four ways to stay warm and dry.

  • Aran KnitsAran sweaters are gorgeous, and you’ve probably heard about how different families used their own distinct patterns and how each stitch has a meaning. But did you know that those complex stitches also make Aran sweaters warmer by adding to the thickness and insulating power?
  • Throw Blankets – Just the thing to curl up under while you read your favorite Irish writers! Look for merino wool if you want to stay extra snug. A soft Irish throw also adds a touch of beauty to a room while subtly reminding you of Ireland’s many charms.
  • Traditional Hats – The distinctive Irish tweed flat cap looks great on pretty much everyone, and you can find a huge variety of colors and patterns. These hats are surprisingly warm, and they are a staple of almost every Irish man’s wardrobe.
  • Tea – A cold, wet day calls for a steaming cuppa. So why not serve it in something lovely? From hearty mugs with witty sayings to delicate teapots covered in tiny shamrocks, you can find Irish gifts for everyone who loves a spot of the national drink, tea.

Not every location has to cope with the type of weather Ireland has. But no matter where you are, you can enjoy winter with some Celtic style. Winter brings its own pleasures. The first sip of hot tea on a cold morning. The pleasure of relaxing by the fire with a good book. All of the stunning sweaters and knitwear that keeps you warm and stylish. We might complain, but the sight of snow-covered tree or a frosty field is beautiful Winter is coming, so we might as well indulge ourselves with everything we need to enjoy it.