Irish Birthstone Jewelry

Irish Birthstone Jewelry – Your full guide

We are proud to say our stunning Irish Birthstone Jewelry is sourced and made in Ireland. Our unique Irish Birthstone jewelry pieces will make the perfect gift for someone special in your life.

The Irish Birthstone tradition and history date back hundreds of years. Irish Birthstones and birthstone jewelry have fascinated people for centuries and it’s easy to see why. Not only are they beautiful and will grab anyone’s attention, but they also have a history and a story that should be told.

Irish Birthstone Jewelry – What are they?

Irish Birthstone jewelry is made from gemstones that are associated with the particular months of the year, each gemstone and therefore each month has a different meaning and history, and all are considered lucky to the people born in those months. So not only does every month of the calendar year have a corresponding precious stone forever attached to it, but it also has a beautiful and unique story associated with it.

Irish Birthstone Jewelry – how it all began

Gemstones were originally associated with each sign of the Zodiac based on a color system. Over time, the gems became associated with each calendar month. Birthstones are in fact precious or semi-precious gemstones. It is believed that the wearing of birthstone jewelry began in 18th century Poland and the unique custom has now spread throughout the world with different cultures such as the Irish culture developing our own birthstone calendars.

According to some traditions, wearing a birthstone during the month with which it’s associated will keep the wearer healthy and happy. Then some believe that in order to take full advantage of the full effects of the birthstone phenomenon, it’s best to own all twelve stones, switching them out as the months change over. Some would argue that’s a reason to purchase all 12 while others may well feel that is all a bit too much!

Irish Birthstone Jewelry – so which Irish birthstone am I?

January – Garnet symbolizing love and protection.
February – Amethyst symbolizing strength in relationships
March – Aquamarine symbolizing courage
April – Diamond or Crystal symbolizing energy and strength
May – Emerald symbolizing health and fertility
June – Alexandrite symbolizing joy and courage
July – Ruby symbolizing passion and love
August – Peridot symbolizing healing
September – Sapphire symbolizing awareness
October – Pink Tourmaline symbolizing emotional balance
November – Citrine symbolizing success
December – Blue Topaz symbolizing wealth

Irish Birthstone Jewelry – A true Irish Gift and Enduring favorites

A piece of Irish birthstone jewelry makes a really thoughtful and truly significant gift. It shows meaning and attention to detail that is sure to impress.

Birthstone Claddagh Rings are always a customer favorite of ours year in year out. Once you see them you can see why. See our collection here.

We can help you choose the right birthstone Claddagh ring to mark a special occasion such as upcoming graduations, birthday or anniversary.

Irish Birthstone Jewelry – What can I get?

We have a number of Irish birthstone jewelry options for you. We have Claddagh rings, Trinity knot rings, pendants, necklaces and even Ogham pendant chains for you. You can see all of our unique Irish birthstone jewelry here.

We are proud of our unique and handmade Irish birthstone jewelry collection. We hope you like what you see in our collection as well. Browse all of our options today and pick out your next or first piece of Irish birthstone jewelry here!

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