Irish Christmas Gifts for Her

Irish Christmas Gifts for Her with

Christmas 2020 is a time to let her know you see what a year she’s had. From juggling teaching and working from home to keeping the crew calm and focused on both of those fronts, she’s shown her mettle.

And naturally, you want to celebrate her and encourage her to put her feet up. Whatever her tastes, we’ve got Irish Christmas gifts for her to make this Christmas special. Shut off the laptop and close the schoolbooks it’s time for a bit of luxury.

These are our top Irish Christmas gifts for her.

Irish Christmas Gifts – Strength and Beauty from the Past

The current times are hard, but anyone who knows Irish history knows we’ve come through much worse. And we’ve done it with a laugh, a song, and a tale to tell. History of Ireland jewelry showcases both the strength of our ancestors and the beauty of Irish culture. It’s a gorgeous way to say you see how strong she is. She’ll wear it with pride and take inspiration from the determination and relentless joy of the Irish throughout history.

Irish Christmas Gifts – Her Own Irish Jewelry Treasure Chest

Does she love jewelry? Does she love it so much you’re worried about picking out something she doesn’t already have? Why not instead treat her to a delightful jewelry or trinket box to keep her favorite pieces safe? She can use it for necklaces, earrings, rings or broaches – or for any other little treasures. Sea glass, pebbles, shells, spare keys, USB drives, and more can be safely and stylishly stored away. With choices from Belleek and Irish Pewter, you can find something as pretty as whatever she’ll keep in it.

Irish Christmas Gifts – Wrap Her Up in Irish Aran Knitwear

Aran knits are among the most enduring, traditional Irish gifts because they are as practical as they are gorgeous. The texture of the knit makes for excellent insulation, and it’s also fascinating with its interlacing lines. You aren’t limited to the classic, cream-colored crewneck sweater. Maybe a sophisticated Aran knit coat is more her style? Or perhaps a snuggly warm shawl with pockets? (Because yes, women really do want pockets on our clothing. We’re not joking about that!) An Aran hat and scarf are the perfect accessories on a winter day.

Irish Christmas Gifts – Shining Sophistication

Help her make her home sparkle with a gift of stunning Irish crystal. Staying in is the new going out, so why not make it special? Dress up the home with delightful crystal vases and bowls. Set the table with shining crystal glasses. Treasure her treasures with a crystal ring holder or picture frame. Galway Crystal offers them all. We’re all looking forward to more light after the solstice, and when the light dances on Irish crystal, it is truly beautiful.

Irish Christmas Gifts – Love the Luxury of Linen

Dinner at home can be luxurious with an elegant Irish linen tablecloth. It adds a rich sophistication to any meal, whether it is a romantic, candlelight dinner for two or a gathering of the whole clan. Winter is always a time to enjoy home more, and a linen tablecloth instantly transforms the table. She’ll love it, and it might even become a cherished family heirloom in time.

Whether she draws strength from her Irish roots or just loves Celtic design, Irish gifts can help make Christmas 2020 more magical for her with our top Irish Christmas Gifts.