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What’s So Great about Guinness?

It’s barbecue season, and for many of us, nothing completes the scene like a pint of Irish stout to
wash it all down. Gathering in the fresh air with friends and families is one of the joys of
summertime. If your family is Irish – or just has a love of Irish culture or treasured memories of
visiting to the Emerald Isle – Guinness might be a traditional part of barbecue menu.
Anyone who has visited Ireland or has any interest in Irish culture is aware of Guinness, the
internationally loved stout from Dublin. It isn’t the only stout brewed in Ireland, but around the
world it is the most famous. (It’s also brewed in many other countries now to meet the global
demand.) A lot of people who don’t even like stout, or even beer, have a soft spot for Irish gifts
featuring the Guinness logo. But why? What makes this one brew tower above the others?


  • Taste – If people didn’t love the taste, Guinness would have folded and been forgotten long,
    long ago. Arthur Guinness didn’t start out brewing an amazing stout. He first made an
    apparently forgettable ale. But he was a determined and clever leader of the Dublin Brewers
    and Maltsters Corporation. Arthur didn’t give up easily. He kept trying until he developed
    the taste that has become synonymous with Ireland.
  • Landmark Location  Arguably one of the smartest business moves in history was when
    Arthur Guinness signed a 9,000-year lease on a brewery right on the River Liffey in Dublin.
    The signature black gates with their gold lettering are a Dublin icon. You don’t even have to
    like stout to enjoy a visit to the home of the black stuff with its museum and stunning views
    of the city. It’s a Dublin experience not to be missed!
  • Brilliant Advertising Arthur Guinness wasn’t the only brilliant mind involved in Guinness’s
    fame. Centuries after his time, the company was launching some of the most iconic
    advertising posters ever. The posters are part of history, and the images have been
    reproduced on many Irish gifts. But in fairness the company has been producing memorable
    television ads for decades.
  • Pub Culture – The local pub is Ireland’s living room. For generations, people have gathered
    at their favorite pub to socialize more often than they invited friends to their home. (With
    small houses and large families, this makes real sense!) Stout, usually Guinness, was what
    people sipped while listening to music, sharing news and debating the issues of the day. The
    Irish pub is a unique cultural experience, and visitors especially associate with the distinctive
    taste of stout.

If you’re a fan of Ireland’s most famous export, you have many options for declaring your love
including hats, shirts, hoodies, glassware and even golf accessories. These make great Irish gifts too
if your friends enjoy the black stuff too. Whether it is a birthday or any other gift-giving occasion,
you’ll find plenty of choices for every taste and budget that celebrate Dublin’s iconic brewery.