Which Irish Goddess Is Your Mom Most Like?

Well, of course, your mother is an Irish goddess.  That goes without saying.  The real question is which one?

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and our team at IrishShop would like to express our love and gratitude for the women who made us who we are today. In so doing, we’re also remembering those Women who have shaped the culture and heritage of our beloved Ireland. We’re going to discuss some legendary maternal figures in Irish folklore and we’ll let you decide which one relates most to your own Mom! Who knows? They might just heighten your appreciation for your own Irish mammy.

In pre-Christian Ireland, goddesses were powerful and fierce, kind of like your mom if you used That Tone speaking to her.  Your mom, like any Celtic goddess, is best treated with a fair bit of respect, which isn’t to say she lacks a sense of humor.  Being quick to find the humor in any situation and laugh is the most universal of Irish gifts.  Your mom might be amused to know which of these Irish goddesses you think she is most like.

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  • Brigid – Long before St. Brigid, the Irish revered the goddess Brigid.  She was a tri-fold goddess credited with powers related to fire: fire of the hearth, fire of the forge and fire of inspiration.  In other words, she was juggling the same crazy demands as a lot of today’s mothers and trying to manage household responsibilities and work demands while also carving out some time to encourage her children’s creativity and indulge her own.   If your mom is always on the go, working hard and playing hard, and brings that enthusiasm to her relationship with you, she sounds like a modern-day Brigid.
  • Danu – Did everyone always come and hang out at your house?  Was your mom always there with a kind word and snacks for your friends as well as you?  Did your teachers adore her because she volunteered for anything going at your school?  She might relate to Danu, the matriarch of all the people of Ireland.  Danu was considered the mother of us all, so she should get some credit for the Irish gifts of hospitality and welcome for all.  There is not much information out there about Danu, but that’s probably because she is focused on taking care of her people and making sure everyone has a nice cup of tea rather than worrying about her own image.
  • Morrigan – As the goddess of war, Morrigan was believed to watch battles closely and influence their outcome.  If that doesn’t sound very maternal to you, consider how many mothers react to their child being picked on or treated unfairly.  You might have been afraid of provoking your mom’s wrath, but also aware that fierceness was really on your side and would sort out anyone who bothered you.  If you’ve ever seen your mom go all mama bear to defend you and put manners on anyone from an unfair school official to the neighborhood bully, you have an idea of Morrigan’s power.

Whichever Irish goddess your mother most resembles, you can rest assured she has you in her heart and on her mind always – not just when she finds your dirty socks and mug in the sitting room.  She won’t say it herself, but there is a holiday coming up when you might want to do something really special for her to honor the vital role she plays in your life.  Giving her Irish gifts on Mother’s Day is also a fun chance to tell her why you think she resembles on of these Celtic goddesses.

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